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Micro Moth - Heliozela aesella

Micro Moth - Heliozela aesella
Chanhassen, Carver County, Minnesota, USA
May 17, 2009
Size: 3 mm long
Perhaps something in Elachistidae?

Moved to Heliozela aesella
Moved from Moths.

Tentative ID based on linked image below and image at Microleps here. That site says "... it flies near the ground in deciduous forest, on warm days in late April and early May (central Illinois). The combination of size and coloration (bronzy metallic with two white triangles on hind margin of forewing) should render it unmistakably distinguishable from any other microlepidoptera species that occurs in Illinois."

I concur...
...that this is Heliozela aesella.

0230 – Heliozela aesella?
No, I think this is in Heliozelidae. Let's see what others thinks.

Sure looks like it
to me :^)