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Apidae, Anthophorini - Anthophora centriformis - male

Apidae, Anthophorini - Anthophora centriformis - Male
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, San Diego County, California, USA
April 23, 2009
Size: BL about 16 mm
We saw this handsome large bee, probably a male, on Sweetbush (Bebbia juncea) at Vallecito Ranch in the Park. We also saw it at a few other flowering plants at various locations, but were unable to photograph it. It looks like an Anthophora with the furry thorax extending down to the first tergite, but these photos do not show wing venation.

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Apidae, Anthophorini - Anthophora centriformis - male Apidae, Anthophora? - Anthophora centriformis

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Anthophora (Paramegilla) male
likely A. centriformis Cresson, 1879

Anthophora (Paramegilla) centriformis
This bee is somewhat common in late spring. I'm delighted to have it identified to subgenus and likely to species. Thank you so much, Dr. Ascher!

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note modified hind legs

It's great to have this large and handsome male identified to genus. Thank you so much, Dr. Ascher.


Thanks, Dr. Ascher. I see that I'm going to need wing venation to separate the Anthophorini genera. I will keep looking.