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Nonbug (Order Cladocera?) - Simocephalus

Nonbug (Order Cladocera?) - Simocephalus
Lewes, Sussex County, Delaware, USA
May 20, 2009
Size: 1 mm
Before I frass these images of a non-bug, I thought I'd share them with our members, if anyone's interested. I believe this is of the Order Cladocera. I would note that this animal has a bivalved carapace.

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Nonbug (Order Cladocera?) - Simocephalus Nonbug (Order Cladocera?) - Simocephalus Nonbug (Order Cladocera?) - Simocephalus

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looks like
Simocephalus sp.

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Please see discussion here. I'll wait a while to give more people an opportunity to contribute to the debate regarding marine taxa, but there is a clear consensus to open BugGuide up to all inland arthropods. I look forward to seeing more of your great pictures of formerly shunned crustaceans, Dave!

Moved from Frass. Tom agreed to trade places.

I am not the seller, but thought of you, when I saw this...

Don't know anything about the book, or if it is a good deal. It came up while I was searching for something else.

Thanks, John. Just today I ordered a couple of textbooks on freshwater invertebrates. Each covers all the orders. I want to begin photographing small freshwater aquatics (those measuring, say, 2 mm or less). Regrettably, many such animals are not "bugs" and so are not appropriate for BugGuide. On the bright side, some small animals that size are -- this morning, I captured an insect larva measuring 2-3 mm. I hope to get some half-decent shots of him for the Guide. Thanks again. -- Dave

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Not an expert
but they look like Copepoda to me. Nice shots!

Thank you
Thanks. (I appreciate all help I can get in ID'ing this [non-bug] critter.) -- Dave