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red-legged fly - Bibio xanthopus - male

red-legged fly - Bibio xanthopus - Male
Fredericton, York County, New Brunswick, Canada
May 23, 2009
Size: 1cm
Several of these were sitting on walls of a garage beside a house.

Moved from Bibio.

Image published
This image was requested by Eric Gant to be used in an online newsletter, here.

This is Bibio xanthopus or fraternus. A good shot of the front tibial spurs (at less of an oblique angle) or an accurate size could distinguish them.

Male march fly.
Male march fly, family Bibionidae. Females have smaller eyes on a "shrunken" head.

Bibio sp.?
Thanks, Eric. Can we put this in Bibio based on the tibial spur and wing venation? It looks very much like this one.