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planthopper? - Corythucha morrilli

planthopper? - Corythucha morrilli
tucson, pima County, Arizona, USA
May 26, 2009
Size: 3 mm
Is this some kind of planthopper? Found this exclusively on my aster. Haven't seen it on any of the other plants in my garden. Thanks in advance.

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planthopper? - Corythucha morrilli planthopper? - Corythucha morrilli

Thanks, everyone, for the ID. I highly appreciate it.

Just guessing...
Gerardine, I don't really know enough to ID your bug for you, but there seem to only be two other posts from AZ (here and here) and those were both identified as Genus Corythucha. Just food for thought, you should definitely wait for someone who knows more to comment.

Corythucha -- gorgeous images!
i'll show your pix to Dr Laura; host plant info helps a lot

Corythucha morrilli
I agree, very nice image. This is Corythucha morrilli, a very closely related species to the Chrysanthemum Lace Bug, C. marmorata. Both feed on composites but C. morrilli only seems to occur in the Southern States.

thanks for the ID
pix moved

Lace Bug