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walking speck - Orthoperus

walking speck - Orthoperus
Medford, (~25 miles east of Philadelphia, PA) Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
May 22, 2009
Size: 0.75mm
This sub-millimeter walking speck fell out of some cut bearded Iris and was "moving" along the table. Credit my wife for spotting it and asking "if I had this one already" (not that I could see if it was even a beetle). Far and away a new size record for me.

In any case, please help. I'm not sure where this one belcngs.

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walking speck - Orthoperus walking speck - Orthoperus walking speck - Orthoperus

Andy Cline says
It appears to be Orthoperus but can't tell species.

Thanks for trying!
Thanks for trying!

try to D'n'A it

not sure
Thanks V, but I'm not sure.

The elytral punctures are very fine and sparce (not "V" shaped - O. scutellaris), with definite microreticulation - about 4-5 between punctures. The suture is margined from about the middle to apex. Color is slightly lighter / browner than what these images show, or at least not darker / blacker.

Possibly O. glaber LeConte, but having never seen these before, and without the MCZ types, I'll leave this one to someone more familiar with these.

Andrew Cline added this family to his studies
over a year ago, maybe two years ago. He might be able to ID this one.

corylophid -- will check it out tomorrow
if you won't have it figured out by then

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