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Laura's Clubtail - Stylurus laurae

Laura's Clubtail - Stylurus laurae
Aiken - Gopher Tortoise HP, Aiken County, South Carolina, USA
August 12, 2005
I found this one in the sandhills of South Carolina in a Longleaf Pine/Turkey oak woodland along a logging trail.

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- could you give details on how you made the ID? I'm no dragonfly expert though your image looks like others I see on the web after a brief search.

Using the clubtails page on Giff Beaton's website 1 I scanned through the clubtail images. The thorax pattern on this dragonfly shows wide, defined stripes. The club is fairly narrow and has a reddish color to it. Most of the clubtails found in this area have completely different thorax patterns. The only clubtail on the site whose thorax pattern matched was the Laura's Clubtail. I then posted the image to a list-serve and the identification was confirmed by two other people, including Giff Beaton.

Maybe you need to think about becoming an editor so you can make some guide pages yourself - that's pretty comprehensive information.