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white-trimmed black wasp - Episyron quinquenotatus

white-trimmed black wasp - Episyron quinquenotatus
Inverhuron Provincial Park, Bruce, Ontario, Canada
August 11, 2005
Size: about 10 mm
On sandy/gravelly lake shore with scattered shrubs, wandering over the ground. It has comb-like appendages on its front tarsi, easy to see against that pale stone.

Episyron sp. - female (Pompilidae)
The females of this Spider Wasp genus have especially developped combs (that is the technical name) on their front tarsi because they dig their burrows in sandy soils. They hunt for Argiopid spiders.

Thanks, Richard. I moved the photo from the Wasps section to the genus page.

I missed this shot when it came in. There are only five species in the US and Canada. This is likely E. quinqenotatus from the spots and I think I see four spines on the comb. Several of the species only have three spines.

E. qunquenotatus
Thanks for the extra info, Herschel. I found a good match in Stephanie Boucher's photo and learned that this species is especially common along the shores of the Great Lakes, which is where I found it. More info and links in new Guide page.