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Yellow Grasshopper - Melanoplus differentialis - female

Yellow Grasshopper - Melanoplus differentialis - Female
Neshaminy State Park, Bensalem, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA
August 10, 2005
Size: about 5cm long
There were several of these in an unmowed patch by one of the park trails. Looks like a short-horned grasshopper but I can't tell any more than that. The body color was a very stark golden yellow.

P.S. - if anyone can point me to a place that explains the whole "locust" vs. "grasshopper" thing I would appreciate it.

Differential grasshopper.
Gorgeous shot of the yellow phase of the differential grasshopper, Melanoplus differentialis. I wonder if the yellow color comes from feeding on toxic plants. Here in Tucson, I find them eating oleander, and almost all of them are of this yellow form.

Locust v. grasshopper:
I found this interesting page on
here which says locust is a name used to describe some short-horned grasshoppers that migrate and/or swarm. It's also a name used for cicadas and a couple of common trees.