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. - Melacoryphus rubicollis

. - Melacoryphus rubicollis
Yucca Valley, San Bernardino County, California, USA
April 1, 2009
Size: 1/2 inch

Liz, what happened with this image? I believe this same image was correctly identified yesterday and moved to the correct guide page, but now I can't find that image in the guide and it appears you have submitted the same image again. Can you explain?

Have no idea. I re-submitted
Have no idea. I re-submitted it when I couldn't find it. There was also a butterfly that I submitted gone.

That is very strange!
I believe only you should be able to delete your images from the system -- I don't think that editors have the power to do that. Which butterfly image was it? Did you already re-submit that one too?

I will move this image to the appropriate place as it has already been correctly identified and I will attempt to get some answers regarding how your images got deleted.

Thank you! I have not re-subm
Thank you! I have not re-submitted the butterfly but I do remember that it was a Colias.

Not sure how this happened...
...but it seems that you must have accidentally deleted your own image. I did follow-up with the publisher of the site, and he says that according to the system records the image in question was "deleted by Liz Bullock Sun, 31 May 2009 23:36:31 GMT".

Anyway, I'm glad your replacement image is currently in the guide where it belongs and I just wanted you to be able to know for certain that no one affiliated with BugGuide had intentionally deleted your image.