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Anthribidae > - Euparius marmoreus

Anthribidae > - Euparius marmoreus
Middleburg, Clay County, Florida, USA
May 30, 2009
Size: 6.15mm
Need to check my results of the Arnett keys again. This one took hours, but it is a fine looking critter. Please let me know if I at least came close. Many Thanks.

Moved from Euparius marmoreus.

why the move?
it was on the right page...

I was on a completely different beetle not even related to weevils,
and this photo came up with all the others. I saw no indication
of name or species or why it was there, so I moved it. Opps!

fine looking critter -- and fine call of yours, too!
just letting you know... hereby :-]

Thanks for the quick reply. Do you want me to move it, I haven't done
it before? Also, please check comments on my Germarostes globosus
submission #281720, and on the Oxycopis thoracica question. Thanks again.

i moved it before commenting, as you can see: the line on the top (Home » Guide » Arthropoda » Insecta » Coleoptera » Polyphaga » Curculionoidea » Anthribidae » Euparius » Euparius marmoreus, in this case) and the italicized under the main image show the pic's current placement. However, if the pic remains where initially posted, THEN you may want to move it. Nobody but editors and you can move/edit your submissions.