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Rust Fly - Psila collaris

Rust Fly - Psila collaris
Baiting Hollow, Suffolk County, New York, USA
June 4, 2009
Size: small
Hardly visible in this photo is a hair projecting horizontally from each eye about 2/3's down.
Here it is most visible on the right side.
Also not visible here is that the aristae (not sure if that is the correct term here since they are not slender) tips are tan.

Moved from Psila.

Moved from Flies. Chloropids don't have anal cells or unbroken costas.

Possibly Chloropidae
Possibly Chloropidae

Possibly Chloropidae
Thanks J.

I just took a look there and did see a few with similar antenna,
but did not see a match, although one Oscinellinae was close.

Should be Chloropidae
The triangular patch around the ocelli is generally a safe way of IDing Chloropids.