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Hydraenid - Ochthebius

Hydraenid - Ochthebius
Salton Sea, Riverside County, California, USA
May 24, 2009
Size: 1.8mm
Found in moist sand under dead fish on shore of Salton Sea.

All pics taken with automontage system. Actual montaging done with CombineZP.

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Hydraenid - Ochthebius Hydraenid - Ochthebius Hydraenid - Ochthebius

O. rectus LeConte or O. rectusalsus Perkins -- P.D. Perkins det.
his comment: "need dissections of males; nice image"

Moved from Ochthebius.

Will be sending my stuff off to CA for inclusion in CA Beetle DB project eventually. Hopefully a name will be put on it at that time. I'll have them keep me posted and update this at the time a name becomes available.

is it just me or do these look like little Helophorus relatives? - similar lines on the pronotum, similar pronotum shape, similar elytra punctation, etc.

btw, nice images!

Thanks Tim
They certainly do look similar. And not even the same superfamily. I gotta start hitting the books. For some reason I was under the impression that hydraenids were hydrophiloids.