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Golden Micro moth - Lampronia sublustris

Golden Micro moth - Lampronia sublustris
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
June 9, 2009

Moved here for now based on Jason's image.

Moved tentatively
Moved from Lampronia. Dr. Olle Pellmyr says here that this is the only species in what was once Tanysaccus to make it to Alberta. Compare your image to the spread specimens on BOLD here.

May want to check with Jason about his image
Also from Edmonton

I agree with Lampronia - either sublustris, humilis or aenescens
Moved from Yucca Moths.

Seems to be Lampronia sublustris
only real match on MPG and co.

Moved from Moths.

Take a look... and see what you think.

Looks like that to me
Is it a distinctive species?

Lampronia is a genus in the Yucca moth family right?

I Don't Know
Yes, Lampronia is in Prodoxidae (Yucca Moths). The Superfamily is Incurvarioidea and I can't say for sure that your moth is even a member of that although I would not be surprised if is.

I notice my book says that Yucca
is restricted to the extreme south of Alberta and the distribution of the moths is the same, so unless it is breeding on a garden species in the neighbourhood then I doubt it is that family?

It's In Range
Check out info here. The web references indicate that it may feed on roses not on Yucca.

That makes sense
in this photo the moth is on a rose.