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Robber Fly - Laphria sadales - male

Robber Fly - Laphria sadales - Male
Pittsburg, Coos County, New Hampshire, USA
August 15, 2005
Size: 12mm

Robber red legs
This is a fantastic robber fly. And it has to be in the Echthodopini. Which means it is either a remarkable Eudioctria or the Echthodopa I have not seen -- E. formosa. I do not have a description of that fly. Really lovely insect though. I will have someone else take a look.

Northern Robbers
When I go to the very northern tip of NH, the bugs up there are usually different. This was in the boreal area of the Connecticut Lakes about 3 miles before the Canada border. It's a nice natural area with more moose than people. Thanks for your help again Herschel.

Specimen shot:

Yours may be the only live shot of this insect in existence even though it may not be that uncommon in the north.

Mike Thomas, who lives in the NE, says that this amazing robber is Laphria sadales. Easily the most striking Laphria I have ever seen. I kept trying to make those antennae into Echthodopa antennae. Didn't work. That golden hair on the abdomen wanted me to go with Laphria but I could not buy those legs on a Laphria species. This species is found in the NW and in the NE in PA, NY, CT and the New England states.

Laphria sadales
I think I've seen this species before, but this is the first time I was able to photograph it. Thanks for going the extra mile to get the ID on this one.