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unknown bug species - Panorpa

unknown bug species - Panorpa
East Kingston, Rockingham County, New Hampshire, USA
June 13, 2009
Size: 1/2 to 3/4 inch

Scorpion fly
Genus Panorpa, I think.

yes, female Panorpa

Are you sure?
Can you tell its a female and not just a male without a genital bulb? If you can let me know how because I don't know and I'd like to :)

male without a genital bulb?
never crossed my mind... chewed off? what a horrible scenario...

Straight from Dan Young's mouth in Intro to Entomology "Just because its doesn't have a big genital bulb doesn't mean its a female." We even had it on an exam as a trick question. It didn't have a bulb, and the question was what sex is it, and our options were Male, Female, or Can't tell and the correct answer was can't tell.

i had no clue!
i checked the fam. decsr'n in (1) -- it cites the male bulb as the first character, no exception stipulated; same in (2)

I wonder who is right... the professor or the books? :-P