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Cameron County, Texas, USA
June 6, 2009
Det. E. G. Riley, 2009

spmn in the TAMUIC

Comment from Ed Riley
I have the specimen shot by Mike Quinn to produce this image, and I wish to provide the following comments on its identity.

This is a special weevil from extreme southern Texas that, as of yet, is not identified to species though certainly a member of the cryptorhynchine genus Apteromechus. It has the following important characters: anterior femur flattened and glabrous below for partial reception of the retracted tibia/tarsus, mesocoxae separated by space as wide as apex of rostrum, comb at apex of hind femur “broken” as described and illustrated for the genus Apteromechus by Kissinger (1964), and ventrites 3 and 4 with a single transverse row of punctures.

The specimen imaged is not A. texanus Fall, and differs from that species as follows: the obvious difference in coloration of elytra, i. e., posterior third densely covered with much lighter-colored scales (the coloration of A. texanus is very much like that of A. ferratus); all elytral intervals equally and weakly raised (alternate intervals are strongly raised in A. texanus), comb at apex of hind femur is “broken” (in A. texanus it is composed of a single un-broken row of setae as noted for some Apteromechus species by Whitehead (1979)), and ventrites 3 and 4 with a single (not double) transverse row of punctures.

Kissinger, D. G. 1964. Curculionidae of America north of Mexico: a key to the genera. South Lancaster, MA. Taxonomic Publications. v + 1-143 pp.
Whitehead, D. R. 1979. Notes on Apteromechus Faust of America north of Mexico (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Cryptorhynchinae). Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 81(2): 230-233.

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Associate Curator
Department of Entomology
Texas A&M University
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Moved from Cryptorhynchinae.

Apteromechus texanus Fall close tobut not ferratus Say