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Pseuadptinus (Thalpius) dorsalis (Brullé) - Thalpius dorsalis

Pseuadptinus (Thalpius) dorsalis (Brullé) - Thalpius dorsalis
Sabal Palm Grove, se. Brownsville, Cameron County, Texas, USA
June 5, 2009
Det. P. Messer, 2011

spmn in the TAMUIC

Moved from Thalpius.

Thalpius dorsalis
is based on Thalpius in southeastern quadrant with elongated antennomeres (not squarish like T. pygmaeus), elytra with dark cloud posterio-medially (T. hoegei and T. rufulus without contrasting cloud), and elytral intervals distinctly convex (not flat as in T. horni of southwestern quadrant).

Moved from Thalpius rufulus.

ID based on MCZ type

Taxonomic caution:
Thalpius rufulus is given only CA status in Bousquet & Larochelle (1993). The three similar Texan species noted are T. dorsalis, T. hoegei, T. horni. Furthermore, the recent world carabidae catalogue by Lorenz (2005) cites "Thalpius" as a subgenus of Pseudaptinus. Therefore, I recommend that this image be moved to either genus "Thalpius" or, preferably, to Pseudaptinus until someone can offer a reliable species identification.

thanks, Peter, for your vigilance