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Small Beetle - Catops

Small Beetle - Catops
Bolton, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA
August 22, 2005
Size: 3.5mm
Is this a Marsh-loving Beetle? The fourth segment from the end of the antenna is tiny.

Moved from Prionochaeta opaca.
See comments on this image.

Leiodidae: Cholevinae: Prionochaeta opaca
This is the only "largish" all-dark cholevine in New England.

Prionochaeta opaca
I wasn't expecting this little beetle to get identified to species, so this was a nice surprise. Thanks Donald.

That tiny segment is a very good family-level character for Leiodidae

for all the beetle ID's Douglas. That was a great help with ones nobody could identify. The next book I buy is going to be yours, I've heard lots of good things about it.