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Cylidrella championi Wickham - Nemozoma championi

Cylidrella championi Wickham - Nemozoma championi
Sandia Mountains, Bernalillo County, New Mexico, USA
June 14, 2009
Size: 6.0 mm
This is for the beetle connoisseurs. Rare! I've searched for this one for 20 years. Found it in Englemann Spruce forest as expected. At 10005' elevation. Note the vague yellow spot on elytra and, of course, the exposed abdomen.
A comment on species: I have not read Dajoz's 1991 description of C. maculata from California. This specimen here agrees with the description of C. championi by Wickham and by Barron, except the color is darker than "chestnut" and the yellow spot is not "vaguely transverse".

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Cylidrella championi Wickham - Nemozoma championi Cylidrella championi Wickham - Nemozoma championi

What was the collection method?
Was it under bark?

good hand-eye coordination
I just saw this one by accident. In 2010 I found them in large numbers running around on newly dead spruce and entering scolytid galleries. I collected eggs and got lots of photos. Hoping to get a few more observations later this spring.

Large numbers of a very rare beetle! You must be very popular with curators and collectors just now :-)

Will you post in situ photos here? I greatly value records beyond the pointed specimen.

not much of a photographer
I am never pleased with my live photography. I don't have good camera equipment. Compared to the stunning images that show up here, mine are nothing. Maybe I'll add a couple live shots of adults and larvae but they won't be quality photos.
Also, by the way, "rare" should be relabeled "rarely collected". I think these will turn out to be common in the right place and time.

the small stuff I've shot in Ecuador my last two visits has been woefully lacking too. My Canon PowerShot Pro captured decent detail using a lens taken from a defunct B&W photocopier, but the color was off by a mile and the camera's hot shoe no longer works. I'm near to a major upgrade though. I can't be embarking on my tropical beetle photographing retirement with a chintzy camera ;-)


what a treat...

we celebrated
My wife and I hike the mountains every weekend, and she has heard me muttering Cylidrella every time we enter Englemann's spruce forest for all these years. We opened a bottle of fine wine to celebrate.

Great find!
A cautionary word: Dajoz "species" should be taken with a grain of salt; he is notorious for creating synonyms.

Thanks for the cautionary note. There was a report of C. mollis found from the Yuma, AZ area around 1897, on Parkinsonia plants. There was never a followup, but this could be a different species (not mollis from Guademala, and not championi which like spruce). I thought maybe this was related to what Dajoz was reporting. C. championi is known only from Ouray, Colorado and the Capitan Mnts of NM. Now the Sandia Mnts as well. I need to get Dajoz's paper, and fortunately I read French quite well.