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Wing venation of a Beaded Lacewing

Wing venation of a Beaded Lacewing
Wing venation of Berothia insolita, an Old-World member of the family Berothidae.
From Comstock, Introduction to Entomology, p. 298, fig. 336 (1). This work is in the public domain, as far as I can tell!

Original text associated with this figure:
Figure 336 represents the venation of the wings of the type species of the family, Berotha insolita, which is found in India, and to which our species are closely allied. The fore wings are falcate, which is not true of certain exotic genera; the humeral cross-vein is not recurved; many of the transverse veins between the costa and the subcosta are forked; the radial sector bears definitive accessory veins; and there is a single series of gradate veins in the radial area. In the hind wings the first radio-medial cross-vein is transverse; vein Cu2 is wanting; and the area between the margin of the wing and veins 1st A and Cu1 is narrow and largely occupied by the fanlike tips of the accessory veins.