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Ventral images of some Araneidae

Just thought we would make a start on gathering known orb weaver ventral images. Not sure what we want to do with this yet.
Combined Lynette's and our pages -- now to blend them somehow!
Larger Orb Weavers by the underside view....not sure if it will work...

List of Araneus we don't have images of:
Araneus abigeatus
Araneus alboventris
Araneus allani
Araneus apache
Araneus arizonensis
Araneus bispinosus
Araneus bivittatus
Araneus bonsallae
Araneus calusa
Araneus carroll
Araneus cingulatus
Araneus cochise
Araneus corticarius
Araneus gadus - no ventral view
Araneus groenlandicola
Araneus guttulatus - no ventral view
Araneus illaudatus
Araneus iviei - no ventral view
Araneus juniperi - no ventral view
Araneus kerr
Araneus mammatus
Araneus miami
Araneus missouri
Araneus monica
Araneus montereyensis
Araneus nashoba
Araneus niveus - no ventral view
Araneus nordmanni - no ventral view
Araneus prunus
Araneus saevus - no ventral view
Araneus santarita
Araneus texanus
Araneus tuscarora

Araneus andrewsi

Araneus bicentenarius - Giant Lichen Orbweaver

Araneus cavaticus - Barn Spider

Araneus diadematus - Cross Orbweaver

Araneus gemma

Araneus gemmoides - Cat-Faced Spider

Araneus marmoreus - Marbled Orbweaver

Araneus miniatus

Araneus partitus

Araneus pegnia

Araneus thaddeus - Lattice Orbweaver

Araneus trifolium - Shamrock Orbweaver


the paired Ls of Neoscona

Neoscona arabesca - Arabesque Orbweaver

Neoscona crucifera

Neoscona domiciliorum - Spotted Orbweaver - need photos for bugguide

Neoscona oaxacensis - Western Spotted Orbweaver

Neoscona utahana - need images

Neoscona pratensis - need images


Eriophora ravilla


Argiope argentata

alternate form:

Argiope aurantia - Yellow Garden Spider

Argiope florida:

Argiope trifasciata:


The classic () of Larinioides

Larinioides sclopetarius - Gray cross spider






Araneus illaudatus

A. Andrewsi
I just noticed the image for A. Andrewsi being used on this page is no longer thought to be A. Andrewsi. There's another one here:

Araneus miniatus
The male believed to be Araneus partitus turned out to be Araneus miniatus after Kevin's examination.

A. andrewsi?
is tentatively IDed as Araneus andrewsi, but no one has confirmed it. The series includes dorsal, ventral, and epigyne shots.

I think it's time to create an epigyne article. It seems like it would be a natural extension to this one... or do you think we should start a new one?

We haven't really been keeping this current, sorry.
Have been hoping that 2.0 will come online and these will become something that all can Edit under a FAQ tab, but ...
Maybe we'll try to find some time to update it. Meanwhile, it probably makes sense to put the epigynes in a separate article.

A. bispinosus -
now in BG, thanks in part to your helpful comment! :) Feel free to have Lynette or Rod check the ID.

Zygiella or Parazygiella
Not sure which one but hope to find out; see comment on dorsal photo linked to this one.

A. thaddeus ventral for you
Same individual that was identified by dorsal view. Found I had a ventral that Photoshop could sharpen. Until you get something sharper, it will help. -Susan

I found this one posted already


Error under Metepeira above
Aculepeira packardi has been moved from Metepeira

Fixed one and added the other

Metepeira labyrinthea female
The one attacked by the fly! She's still there a month later.

Neoscona domiciliorum
New one to add. :) See

I started one of these too, see

Thought we remembered it
Don't know why we didn't find it. Hoping in BugGuide 2.0 that articles will become like guide pages where groups of people can work together developing a page. We'll see!

Great idea!
Yes, there are some articles (not all) that would benefit from being joint efforts. I would gladly let others add to the List of non-native species of insects and arachnids in North America.
There are also some articles created by non-editors that work like overviews; they could be expanded by others.

Adults only?
Do you want juveniles? I have a ventral shot of an orb weaver at age 37 days. Species not ID'd, but someone here could do it.

Certainly, please do post some images,
Regardless whether we use them in this article, they might be useful elsewhere in the guide.

Here you go
I found four that might do and cropped them. They're the ones with titles "Ventral" and "Weaving" plus the juveniles' ages, in this album:

At Photobucket because ID Guide is apparently the only bugguide page for posting images.

We can't use them in this article unless they are posted
to BugGuide. You can actually post images anywhere in BugGuide, but there is nothing wrong with posting them to ID Request. If you want to post them to Araneidae, you can do that too. Go to the page and click on add image.

Copied to Araneidae
Well, I couldn't post them on this page. I put them in Araneidae.

For each one, the number in the title is the spider's age in days.

Two more images
Found yesterday and added to Araneidae. Images aren't so clear. The web was located inconveniently. I couldn't stand directly in front of it without bumping into another web.

Two more--juvenile again

Added in Araneidae. Dorsal view is linked to it.

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