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Delaware Skipper - Thymelicus lineola

Delaware Skipper - Thymelicus lineola
Barrie, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
June 26, 2009
Help is always appreciated. I'm guessing it is a butterfly, but not sure what kind. Thanks!

Moved from Grass Skippers.

this is a European Skipper.

Moved from Skippers.

It's a skipper of some sort
I cant quite make out the wing patterns and my Id books are pretty concentrated on Florida but, Delaware Skipper (Atrytone logan) would be my first guess.

Skipper, for sure.
On the moth or butterfly question...
Butterflies have knobbed antennae. Those of moths are either plainer or fancier.

Skippers, considered butterflies now, have "sugar scoop" ends on their antennae. (They were once thought to be moths.)