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Entiminae on grass - Sitona californius

Entiminae on grass - Sitona californius
Cuyamaca Woods, Julian, San Diego County, California, USA
June 27, 2009
Size: 6mm

Moved from Sitona.

special literature consulted
Sitona macularius (crinitus now is a synonym) may reach 4.9mm in length, and is restricted to CA and OR in N-America. The species is variable, especially in different parts of its range, which includes eastern Asia as well. The N-American population may thus be of natural origin, and it is not impossible, that your Sitona is S.macularius.
Because the basal segment of the antennae is not that abruptly dilated, and the pronotum conspiciously more rounded laterally (important characters), I still lean towards my first thesis, however.

Sitona californius (Fahraeus)
This is Sitona californius (Fahraeus).

Hi Margarethe,

I guess this one might be one of the few indigenous species. Most sp. occuring in N-America are of palearctic distribution as well, and in this group it can´t be nothing but S.crinitus, because of the erect setae on elytra. S.crinitus, on the other hand, should not be longer than 4.5mm.

I will remeasure to make sure
I wa shooting such a number of specimen yesterday...