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Syrphid Fly - Epistrophella emarginata - female

Syrphid Fly - Epistrophella emarginata - Female
Harvard, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA
August 26, 2005
Any help finding genus, or species appreciated.

Moved from Meligramma.

If we agree on Meligramma, th
If we agree on Meligramma, then this is Meligramma triangulifera - no yellow on scutum in front of scutellum, yellow spots on tergites 2-4 are large, spots on tergites 3-4 reach abdominal margin and are not separated.

Moved tentatively
Moved from Epistrophe.

Hate to disagree with Gerard,
Hate to disagree with Gerard, but I'm not sure this is Epistrophe - the yellow bands on the sides of the scutum aren't consistent. Based on those and the not well separated spots on tergite 4, I think this is actually Meligramma, though it could perhaps be Epistrophella emarginata (but I think that less likely).

I'm not sure what it means, but Meligramma has a * next to it on the info page and if you click on it a blank page comes up.

* next to it means, taxon not yet in the guide
(it's explained on the page) --but now that we've got it, there is a working link --and the asterisk's gone!
thanks for the addition, comrades.

Female Epistrophe
I think this is a female in the genus Epistrophe!
Gerard Pennards

Thanks for the ID Gerard.

Okay, but...
It is Epistrophe, not Eupeodes! I changed it myself after 2 minutes when I realised I had put down the wrong name, with these flies it is always difficult between Eupeodes and Epistrophe!
Gerard Pennards

Since they are difficult to tell apart, what distinguishes Epistrophe from Eupeodes? This would be helpful information to put in the Guide for future reference.

I guess I was too quick getting your initial message. Thanks on a tricky ID.