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Tribe Dendrometrini

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga
No Taxon Series Elateriformia
Superfamily Elateroidea
Family Elateridae - Click Beetles
Subfamily Dendrometrinae
Tribe Dendrometrini

Subtribe Dendrometrina
Genus Athous
Species acanthus - Athous acanthus
Species arizonicus - Athous arizonicus
Species axillaris - Athous axillaris
Species bicolor - Athous bicolor
Species brightwelli - Athous brightwelli
Species cribratus - Athous cribratus
Species cucullatus - Athous cucullatus
Species equestris - Athous equestris
Species excavatus - Athous excavatus
Species fossularis - Athous fossularis
Species haemorrhoidalis - Red-brown Skipjack
Species imitans - Athous imitans
Species limbatus - Athous limbatus
Species neacanthus - Athous neacanthus
Species nigropilis - Athous nigropilis
Species opilinus - Athous opilinus
Species ornatipennis - Athous ornatipennis
Species orvus - Athous orvus
Species posticus - Athous posticus
Species productus - Athous productus
Species rufifrons - Athous rufifrons
Species rufiventris - Athous rufiventris
Subspecies rectithorax - Athous rufiventris rectithorax
Subspecies rufiventris - Athous rufiventris rufiventris
Species rufotestaceus - Athous rufotestaceus
Species scapularis - Athous scapularis
Species scissus - Athous scissus
Species sierrae - Athous sierrae
Subspecies varius - Athous sierrae varius
Species vittiger - Athous vittiger
No Taxon acanthus/neacanthus
Genus Elathous
Species brevicornis - Elathous brevicornis
Species californicus - Elathous californicus
Species discalceatus - Elathous discalceatus
Species nebulosus - Elathous nebulosus
Genus Euplastius
Species athoides - Euplastius athoides
Species bivittatus - Euplastius bivittatus
Species melsheimeri - Euplastius melsheimeri
Species mimicus - Euplastius mimicus
Genus Gambrinus
Species clypeatus - Gambrinus clypeatus
Species confusus - Gambrinus confusus
Species crotchi - Gambrinus crotchi
Species flavomarginatus - Gambrinus flavomarginatus
Species fulvipilis - Gambrinus fulvipilis
Species griseus - Gambrinus griseus
Species humidus - Gambrinus humidus
Species lanchesteri - Gambrinus lanchesteri
Species mirus - Gambrinus mirus
Species olentangyi - Gambrinus olentangyi
Species pictus - Gambrinus pictus
Species plebejus - Gambrinus plebejus
Species rudis - Gambrinus rudis
Species rufihumeralis - Gambrinus rufihumeralis
Species seminudus - Gambrinus seminudus
Species sinuifrons - Gambrinus sinuifrons
Species stigma - Gambrinus stigma
Species venablesi - Gambrinus venablesi
Genus Limonius
Species aeger - Limonius aeger
Species agonus - Eastern Field Wireworm
Species anceps - Limonius anceps
Species aurifer - Limonius aurifer
Species auripilis - Limonius auripilis
Species basilaris - Limonius basilaris
Species brevis - Limonius brevis
Species californicus - Sugarbeet Wireworm
Species canus - Pacific Coast Wireworm
Species consimilis - Limonius consimilis
Species dubitans - Limonius dubitans
Species ectypus - Limonius ectypus
Species infuscatus - Limonius infuscatus
Species jonesi - Limonius jonesi
Species lanei - Limonius lanei
Species pectoralis - Limonius pectoralis
Species quercinus - Limonius quercinus
Species semiaeneus - Limonius semiaeneus
Species subauratus - Limonius subauratus
Genus Nitidolimonius
Species resplendens - Green Click Beetle
Species weidtii - Nitidolimonius weidtii
Genus Pheletes
Species lecontei - Pheletes lecontei
Genus Tetralimonius
Species definitus - Tetralimonius definitus
Species humeralis - Tetralimonius humeralis
Species maculicollis - Tetralimonius maculicollis
Species nimbatus - Tetralimonius nimbatus
Species ornatulus - Tetralimonius ornatulus
Genus Vittathous
Species horni - Vittathous horni
Species linearis - Vittathous linearis
Genus Denticollis
Species varians - Denticollis varians
Species denticornis - Denticollis denticornis
Subtribe Hemicrepidiina
Genus Diacanthous
Species triundulatus - Diacanthous triundulatus
Genus Hemicrepidius
Species bilobatus - Hemicrepidius bilobatus
Species carbonatus - Hemicrepidius carbonatus
Species decoloratus - Hemicrepidius decoloratus
Species falli - Hemicrepidius falli
Species hemipodus - Hemicrepidius hemipodus
Species indistinctus - Hemicrepidius indistinctus
Species melanophthalmus - Hemicrepidius melanophthalmus
Species montanus - Hemicrepidius montanus
Species morio - Hemicrepidius morio
Species nemnonius - Hemicrepidius nemnonius
Species niger - Hemicrepidius niger
Species obscurus - Hemicrepidius obscurus
Species pallidipennis - Hemicrepidius pallidipennis
Species ruficornis - Hemicrepidius ruficornis
Species simplex - Hemicrepidius simplex
Species soccifer - Hemicrepidius soccifer
Species tumescens - Hemicrepidius tumescens
No Taxon decoloratus vs. hemipodus
No Taxon bilobatus vs. melanophthalmus