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green spider on fence - Araneus cingulatus

green spider on fence - Araneus cingulatus
sylvania, lucas County, Ohio, USA
August 27, 2005
Size: smaller than pencil erase

Richard Bradley, who ID'd this photo, was hoping to include the photo in a revision of his web page and would like to contact you to request permission to use the photo. Or you could contact him... Here is his web page at Ohio State Univ.

Created a new guide page
Thank you Lynette for getting the ID! What a beautiful little spider! I moved the image to the new guide page, as it was buried deeply within the ID Request Pages. :)

female Araneus cingulatus
I emailed Dr. Richard A. Bradley, Ohio State University and he is relatively certain it's female Araneus cingulatus.

Beautiful spider
There are cobweb spiders that pretty but they seem to have more delicate legs, and orb weavers with rows of spots in Araniella . It will be interesting to see what the experts say about this one.

Crab spider ?
At first glance it looks like some species of crab spider but I am not sure.
By the way, it is harmless, that is unless you are a small insect

No, orb weaver.
I feel pretty confident calling this an orb weaver, but have no idea which one. How lovely! Oh, you might try contacting someone associated with the Ohio spider survey, based at some college in Marietta if I recall correctly. They do have a website.