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Treehopper - Enchenopa on-viburnum-lentago

Treehopper - Enchenopa on-viburnum-lentago
Bunker Hill Forest Preserve, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA
August 27, 2005
Dr Hamilton, these four images are of the Enchenopa that we find on Nannyberry, Viburnum lentago, on the edge of an open oak savanna in the Cook County Forest Preserves, within the city limits of Chicago, north side. They always seem to be in association with the white scale insect in the image. These images are on the other side of the savanna opening, about 100 meters east of the Wafer Ash images.

"white scale insect"
The white objects all over the twigs are actually eggs! I am told by an expert that two species of this treehopper were actually described from the eggs by someone who thought that they were scale insects. So this species is probably correctly named Enchenopa viburni, based on its eggs.