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Tiny Pale Mirid - Reuteria bifurcata

Tiny Pale Mirid - Reuteria bifurcata
Alexandria, Fairfax County, Virginia, USA
July 4, 2009
This is the first I've seen like this. Cute and very pale green. I looked through the Guide and found some similar, but didn't see any with markings like this.

Attracted to my patio light at night.

I'm sorry that I must correct the ID.
I saw another photo like this and perceived my misidentification. I thought the first antennal segment of your bug was totally black, but now I recognized the black is a stripe. It's Reuteria bifurcata.

Oh yes!
That's more like it - that one has all the same dark green markings. Thank you! =)

Blepharidopterus provancheri...
Please compare with .

That was the closest I could find,
but none of those pictures show the green markings on the legs or the four little spots at the edges of the wings, so I'm not sure about that; I don't know how variable that species can be. Do you know?

I don't know exactly.
But, from my experience, the positions of the spots and stripes are the places where the color variations often occur. In addition, there is no spiecies in the genus distinguished by such features. ^^