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Subfamily Chrysomelinae

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga
No Taxon Series Cucujiformia
Superfamily Chrysomeloidea - Longhorn and Leaf Beetles
Family Chrysomelidae - Leaf Beetles
Subfamily Chrysomelinae

Genus Timarcha
Species intricata - Timarcha intricata
Tribe Chrysomelini
Subtribe Doryphorina
Genus Calligrapha
No Taxon subgenus Bidensomela
Species bidenticola - Calligrapha bidenticola
Species californica - Calligrapha californica
Subspecies coreopsivora - Calligrapha californica coreopsivora
Subspecies californica - Calligrapha californica californica
Species praecelsis - Calligrapha praecelsis
No Taxon subgenus Calligramma
Species cephalanthi - Calligrapha cephalanthi
No Taxon subgenus Calligrapha
Species alni - Russet Alder Leaf Beetle
Species alnicola - Calligrapha alnicola 0
Species ancoralis - Calligrapha ancoralis
Species apicalis - Calligrapha apicalis
Species dislocata - Calligrapha dislocata
Species diversa - Calligrapha diversa
Species fulvipes - Calligrapha fulvipes
Species multiguttata - Calligrapha multiguttata
Species multipunctata - Common Willow Calligrapha
Subspecies bigsbyana - Calligrapha multipunctata morph bigsbyana
Species pnirsa - Calligrapha pnirsa
Species serpentina - Globemallow Leaf Beetle
Species sigmoidea - Calligrapha sigmoidea
Species suturella - Calligrapha suturella
Species verrucosa - Calligrapha verrucosa
No Taxon philadelphica group
Species philadelphica - Dogwood Calligrapha
Species vicina - Calligrapha vicina
No Taxon scalaris group
Species amator - Ontario Calligrapha
Species confluens - Calligrapha confluens
Species dolosa - Calligrapha dolosa
Species floridana - Calligrapha floridana
Species ignota - Calligrapha ignota
Species knabi - Calligrapha knabi
Species ostryae - Calligrapha ostryae
Species pruni - Calligrapha pruni
Species rhoda - Calligrapha rhoda
Species rowena - Calligrapha rowena
Species scalaris - Elm Calligrapha
Species spiraea - Calligrapha spiraea
No Taxon species near scalaris
No Taxon subgenus Erythrographa
Species wickhami - Calligrapha wickhami
No Taxon subgenus Graphicallo
Species lunata - Moon-marked Leaf Beetle
No Taxon subgenus Zygospila
Genus Chrysolina
No Taxon subgenus Allohypericia
Species auripennis - Chrysolina auripennis
Species basilaris - Chrysolina basilaris
Species cribraria - Chrysolina cribraria 0
Species inornata - Chrysolina inornata
Species schaefferi - Chrysolina schaefferi
No Taxon subgenus Arctolina
Species septentrionalis - Chrysolina septentrionalis
Species subsulcata - Chrysolina subsulcata
No Taxon subgenus Chalcoidea
Species hudsonica - Chrysolina hudsonica
Species flavomarginata - Chrysolina flavomarginata
Species marginata - Chrysolina marginata
No Taxon subgenus Chrysolina
Species bankii - Chrysolina bankii
Species staphylaea - Brown Mint Leaf Beetle
No Taxon subgenus Hypericia
Species hyperici - St. Johnswort Beetle
Species quadrigemina - Klamath Weed Beetle
Species fastuosa - Dead-nettle Leaf Beetle 0
Species varians - Chrysolina (Sphaeromela) varians
Genus Labidomera
Species clivicollis - Swamp Milkweed Leaf Beetle
Genus Leptinotarsa
Species collinsi - Leptinotarsa collinsi
Species decemlineata - Colorado Potato Beetle
Species defecta - Leptinotarsa defecta
Species juncta - False Potato Beetle
Species haldemani - Leptinotarsa haldemani
Species lineolata - Leptinotarsa lineolata
Species peninsularis - Leptinotarsa peninsularis
Species rubiginosa - Reddish Potato Beetle
Species texana - Texas Potato Beetle
Species tumamoca - Leptinotarsa tumamoca
Genus Zygogramma
Species arizonica - Zygogramma arizonica
Species conjuncta - Zygogramma conjuncta
Subspecies pallida - Zygogramma conjuncta pallida
Subspecies conjuncta - Zygogramma conjuncta conjuncta
Species continua - Zygogramma continua
Species disrupta - Zygogramma disrupta
Species estriata - Zygogramma estriata
Species exclamationis - Sunflower Beetle
Species heterothecae - Zygogramma heterothecae
Species malvae - Zygogramma malvae
Species opifera - Zygogramma opifera
Species piceicollis - Zygogramma piceicollis
Species signatipennis - Zygogramma signatipennis
Species suturalis - Ragweed Leaf Beetle
Species tortuosa - Zygogramma tortuosa
Subtribe Chrysomelina
Genus Chrysomela
No Taxon Subgenus Macrolina
Species aeneicollis - Chrysomela aeneicollis
Species confluens - Chrysomela confluens
Species falsa - Chrysomela falsa
Species interrupta - Alder Leaf Beetle
Species knabi - Chrysomela knabi
Species laurentia - Chrysomela laurentia
Species lineatopunctata - Chrysomela lineatopunctata
Species mainensis - Chrysomela mainensis
Subspecies interna - Chrysomela mainensis interna
Species schaefferi - Chrysomela schaefferi
Species scripta - Cottonwood Leaf Beetle
Species semota - Chrysomela semota
Species sonorae - Chrysomela sonorae
Species texana - Chrysomela texana
No Taxon falsa or aeneicollis
No Taxon images reviewed by S.M. Clark --tmp page
No Taxon Subgenus Chrysomela
Species crotchi - Aspen Leaf Beetle
Genus Gastrophysa
Species cyanea - Green Dock Beetle
Species dissimilis - Gastrophysa dissimilis
Species formosa - Gastrophysa formosa
Species polygoni - Gastrophysa polygoni
Genus Phaedon
Species prasinellus - Phaedon prasinellus
No Taxon subgenus Phaedon
Species armoraciae - Phaedon armoraciae
Species cyanescens - Phaedon cyanescens
Species desotonis - Phaedon desotonis
Species laevigatus - Phaedon laevigatus
Species oviformis - Phaedon oviformis
Species purpureus - Phaedon purpureus
Species viridis - Phaedon viridis
Genus Phratora
Species americana - Phratora americana
Species hudsonia - Birch Leaf Beetle
Species interstitialis - Phratora interstitialis
Species purpurea - Aspen Skeletonizer
Genus Plagiodera
Species arizonae - Plagiodera arizonae
Species californica - Plagiodera californica
Species thymaloides - Plagiodera thymaloides
Species versicolora - Imported Willow Leaf Beetle
Genus Prasocuris
Species phellandrii - Prasocuris phellandrii
No Taxon subgenus Hydrothassa
Species boreella - Prasocuris boreella
Species vittata - Prasocuris vittata
Subtribe Entomoscelina
Genus Entomoscelis
Species americana - Red Turnip Beetle
Genus Microtheca
Species picea - Microtheca picea
Species ochroloma - Yellow-margined Leaf Beetle
No Taxon incertae sedis
Genus Cadiz
Species hardyi - Cadiz hardyi
Subtribe Paropsina
Genus Paropsis
Species atomaria - Paropsis atomaria
Genus Gonioctena
Species nivosa - Gonioctena nivosa
Species americana - American Aspen Beetle
Species notmani - Gonioctena notmani
Genus Paropsisterna
Species m-fuscum - Eucalyptus Leaf Beetle
Genus Trachymela
Species sloanei - Australian Tortoise Beetle