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Plant Bug - Amphiareus obscuriceps

Plant Bug - Amphiareus obscuriceps
Alexandria, Fairfax County, Virginia, USA
July 1, 2009
Attracted to my patio light at night.

Moved tentatively; Brad's suggestion makes a lot of sense
Moved from Minute Pirate Bugs.

Moved from Lyctocoris campestris. As Steve says below, not a Lyctocoris. Besides his suggestion, perhaps this is another Amphiareus obscuriceps?

Lyctocoris campestris, i suppose

Lasichilus vs. Lyctocoris
Might actually be a Lasichilus. Hairs are too long for Lyctocoris campestris.

Oddly, I think I just found
another, a year later, same place - at my patio lights:

Is it the same kind, and does it help with ID? Looks the same to me...

Thanks -
That's what I thought perhaps as well.

It's not a plant bug.
It's a Minute Pirate Bug (Anthocorid).

Ah, thanks!
What are the differences?

Difficult question...
In general, mirids have oscelli, but anthocorids do not. Anthocorids are rather flat and have shorter legs and antennae, and their heads are pointed. Their general color is brown or black.

I can see that - thanks!