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Burrowing Mayfly - Hexagenia limbata - male

Burrowing Mayfly - Hexagenia limbata - Male
Niagara Falls (N43º07'26"W079º04'25"), Welland, Ontario, Canada
July 12, 2009
Size: 22.0 mm
Size measurement excludes cerci. Found this imago resting on foliage.

Moved from Hexagenia.

This male imago is probably Hexagenia limbata. As currently conceived, this transcontinental species has 19 synonyms, many of which were once considered to be separate species. The BG Hexagenia page demonstrates the incredible variability of this species quite well--the vast majority of those specimens are limbata morphs.

H. limbata
Lloyd, thanks for providing an identification for this nice mayfly. Should I move the image to the species page, then?

I think that should be OK. About the only catch to identifying the various limbata morphs is that H. rigida females are nearly indistinguishable from a few of the limbata females. H. rigida is also recorded in Ontario, and the males can be distinguished by their distinctive genitalia.