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Genus Dinacoma

A monograph of the Coleopterous families Corylophidae and Sphaeriidae
By Rev. A. Matthews; edited by Philip B. Mason
London:0. E. Janson & Son, 1899

Handbook of Zoology. Coleoptera Vol. 1: Morphology and Systematics. (Archostemata, Adephaga, Myxophaga, Polyphaga partim)
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Walter de Gruyter, Berlin. xi + 567 pp., 2005

Australian beetles Vol. 1: Morphology, classification and keys
By Ślipiński A., Lawrence J.
CSIRO Publishing, 576 pp., 2013

Influence of boreal forest succession and dead wood qualities on saproxylic beetles
By Jacobs J.M., Spence J.R., Langor D.W.
Agricultural and Forest Entomology 9: 3–16, 2007

Order Coleoptera Linnaeus, 1758. In: Zhang Z.-Q. (ed.) Animal biodiversity: An outline of higher-level classification...
By Ślipiński S.A., Leschen R.A.B., Lawrence J.F.
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By Campbell J.M., Sarazin M.J., Lyons D.B.
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Richness and abundance of Carabidae and Staphylinidae (Coleoptera), in northeastern dairy pastures under intensive grazing
By Byers R.A., Barker G.M., Davidson R.L., Hoebeke E.R., Sanderson M.A.
The Great Lakes Entomologist 33 [2000]: 81-105, 2001

i have a copy, courtesy Rick Hoebeke

George Britton Vogt (1920–1990).
By Anderson, D., C.L. Bellamy, H.A. Howden, and C. Quimby.
The Coleopterists Bulletin 45(1): 93–95., 1991
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Anderson, D., C.L. Bellamy, H.A. Howden, and C. Quimby. 1991. George Britton Vogt (1920–1990). The Coleopterists Bulletin 45(1): 93–95.

Spp. described by George Vogt:

Agrilus exsapindi Vogt 1949 (Buprestidae)
Agrilus obscurilineatus Vogt 1949 (Buprestidae)
Cicindela cazieri Vogt 1949 (Carabidae)
Cicindela nigrocoerulea subtropica Vogt 1949 (Carabidae)
Cicindela obsoleta neojuvenilis Vogt 1949 (Carabidae)