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UID BEETLE - Smodicum cucujiforme

UID BEETLE - Smodicum cucujiforme
GROVE, DELAWARE County, Oklahoma, USA
June 28, 2009
Size: ~8mm

Smodicum cucujiforme; nice beetle
i wonder why you deemed this one worthy of the 'UID BUG' title (vs 'UID INSECT' status granted to the rest...)

Smodicum cucujiforme
Sometimes my "sloppy notes" and very small camera screen do not always match up! I knew it was a beetle, but forgot to change to UID Beetle before sending to BG. Too many bugs and beetles some days to keep organized. Appreciate your expertise very much. Thanks, Sheran

you're doing a great job, you definitely have a good eye for insects, and have posted a number of quite interesting ones; i wanna see more of your work on BG pages, esp. small & obscure stuff: it's among them that we found most of nice additions