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Photos of insects and people from the 2015 gathering in Wisconsin, July 10-12

Photos of insects and people from the 2014 gathering in Virginia, June 4-7.

Photos of insects and people from the 2013 gathering in Arizona, July 25-28

Photos of insects and people from the 2012 gathering in Alabama

Photos of insects and people from the 2011 gathering in Iowa

Photos from the 2010 Workshop in Grinnell, Iowa

Photos from the 2009 gathering in Washington


Family Apidae - Cuckoo, Carpenter, Digger, Bumble, and Honey Bees

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hymenoptera - Ants, Bees, Wasps and Sawflies
No Taxon Aculeata - Ants, Bees and Stinging Wasps
No Taxon Anthophila (Apoidea) - Bees
Family Apidae - Cuckoo, Carpenter, Digger, Bumble, and Honey Bees

Subfamily Apinae - Honey, Bumble, Long-horned, Orchid, and Digger Bees
Tribe Anthophorini - Digger Bees
Genus Anthophora - Diggers
No Taxon Subgenus Anthophora
Species villosula - Asian Shaggy Digger
No Taxon Subgenus Anthophoroides
Species californica - California Digger
Species pueblo - Pueblo Sandstone-digger
No Taxon Subgenus Clisodon
Species terminalis - Orange-tipped Wood-digger
No Taxon Subgenus Heliophila
Species hololeuca - Anthophora hololeuca
Species curta - Short Sun-digger
No Taxon Subgenus Lophanthophora
Species ursina - Ursine Digger
Species pacifica - Pacific Digger
Species fedorica - Fedor Digger
No Taxon Subgenus Melea
No Taxon Subgenus Mystacanthophora
Species montana - Rocky Mountain Digger
Species urbana - Urbane Digger
Species walshii - Walsh's Digger
No Taxon Subgenus Paramegilla
Species centriformis - Centriform Digger
No Taxon Subgenus Pyganthophora
Species crotchii - Crotch's Digger
No Taxon bomboides or terminalis
No Taxon Subgenus Lophanthophora or Pyganthophora
Genus Habropoda - Mountain-Diggers
Species depressa - California Mountain-Digger
Species laboriosa - Blueberry Digger
Species tristissima - Dimorphic Mountain-Digger
Species pallida - Pallid Dune-Digger
Tribe Apini - Honey Bees
Genus Apis
Species mellifera - Western Honey Bee
Subspecies carnica - Carniolan Honeybee
Subspecies ligustica - Italian Honeybee
Subspecies mellifera - Black Honeybee
Subspecies scutellata - African Honeybee
Tribe Bombini - Bumble Bees
Genus Bombus - Bumble Bees
No Taxon Subgenus Alpinobombus
Species kirbiellus - Golden-belted Bumble Bee
Species natvigi - High Nearctic Bumble Bee
Species neoboreus - Bombus neoboreus
Species polaris - Polar Bumble Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Bombias
Species auricomus - Black-and-gold Bumble Bee
Species nevadensis - Nevada Bumble Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Bombus
Species affinis - Rusty-patched Bumble Bee
Species cryptarum - Cryptic Bumble Bee
Species franklini - Franklin's Bumble Bee
Species occidentalis - Western Bumble Bee
Species terricola - Yellow-banded Bumble Bee
Subspecies occidentalis - Western Bumble Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Cullumanobombus
Species crotchii - Crotch's Bumble Bee
Species fraternus - Southern Plains Bumble Bee
Species griseocollis - Brown-belted Bumble Bee
Species morrisoni - Morrison's Bumble Bee
Species rufocinctus - Red-belted Bumble Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Psithyrus
Species citrinus - Lemon Cuckoo Bumble Bee
Species fernaldae - Fernald's Cuckoo Bumble Bee
Species insularis - Indiscriminate Cuckoo Bumble Bee
Species suckleyi - Suckley's Cuckoo Bumble Bee
Species variabilis - Variable Cuckoo Bumble Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Pyrobombus
Species bifarius - Black-notched Bumble Bee
Species bimaculatus - Two-spotted Bumble Bee
Species caliginosus - Fog-belt Bumble Bee
Species centralis - Great Basin Bumble Bee
Species cockerelli - Cockerell's Bumble Bee
Species flavifrons - Yellow-fronted Bumble Bee
Species frigidus - Frigid Bumble Bee
Species huntii - Hunt's Bumble Bee
Species impatiens - Common Eastern Bumble Bee
Species melanopygus - Black-tailed Bumble Bee
Species mixtus - Fuzzy-horned Bumble Bee
Species perplexus - Perplexing Bumble Bee
Species sandersoni - Sanderson's Bumble Bee
Species sitkensis - Sitka Bumble Bee
Species sylvicola - Forest Bumble Bee
Species ternarius - Tricolored Bumble Bee
Species vagans - Half-black Bumble Bee
Subspecies bolsteri - Bombus vagans bolsteri
Subspecies vagans - Bombus vagans vagans
Species vandykei - Van Dyke's Bumble Bee
Species vosnesenskii - Yellow-faced Bumble Bee
No Taxon resembles jonellus
No Taxon bifarius or huntii
No Taxon bifarius or ternarius
No Taxon bimaculatus or impatiens
No Taxon bimaculatus or perplexus
No Taxon bimaculatus, perplexus, sandersoni, or vagans
No Taxon caliginosus or vosnesenskii
No Taxon centralis or flavifrons
No Taxon centralis or vandykei
No Taxon flavifrons or sitkensis
No Taxon flavifrons or vandykei
No Taxon frigidus or mixtus
No Taxon huntii or ternarius
No Taxon melanopygus or mixtus
No Taxon melanopygus or sylvicola
No Taxon mixtus or sitkensis
No Taxon vagans, perplexus, or sandersoni
No Taxon vagans or sandersoni
No Taxon Subgenus Subterraneobombus
Species appositus - White-shouldered Bumble Bee
Species borealis - Northern Amber Bumble Bee
Species distinguendus - Great Yellow Bumble Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Thoracobombus
Species californicus - California Bumble Bee
Species fervidus - Golden Northern Bumble Bee
Species pensylvanicus - American Bumble Bee
Species sonorus - Sonoran Bumble Bee
Tribe Centridini - Centridine Bees
Genus Centris - Oil-Diggers, Desert-Diggers
No Taxon Subgenus Centris, Nominate Oil-Diggers
Species errans - Florida Oil-Digger
No Taxon Subgenus Heterocentris, Wood-nesting Oil-Diggers
Species nitida - Shining Oil-Digger
No Taxon Subgenus Paracentris, Oil-Diggers and Desert-Diggers
Species caesalpiniae - Caesalpinia Oil-Digger
Species cockerelli - Cockerell's Oil-Digger
Species pallida - Pallid Desert-Digger
Species rhodopus - Red-legged Oil-Digger
Species atripes - Black-footed Oil-Digger
No Taxon pallida or tiburonensis
Species lanosa - Wooly Oil-Digger
Species hoffmanseggiae - Rushpea Desert-Digger
Tribe Emphorini - Chimney Bees
Genus Ancyloscelis
Genus Diadasia
No Taxon Subgenus Dasiapis
Species ochracea - Ochraceous Chimney Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Diadasia
Species enavata - Sunflower Chimney Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Coquillettapis
Species bituberculata - Diadasia bituberculata
Species diminuta - Diadasia diminuta
Species rinconis - Diadasia rinconis
Species nigrifrons - Diadasia nigrifrons
Species laticauda - Diadasia laticauda
No Taxon australis species group
Species australis - Diadasia australis
Subspecies californica - Diadasia australis californica
No Taxon mallow-visiting group of subgenus Coquillettapis
Genus Melitoma
Species marginella - Melitoma marginella
Species taurea - Melitoma taurea
Genus Ptilothrix
Species bombiformis - Hibiscus Bee
No Taxon undescribed species near sumichrasti
Tribe Ericrocidini - Centris-cuckoos
Genus Mesoplia
Species dugesi - Mesoplia dugesi
Genus Ericrocis
Species pintada - Ericrocis pintada
Species lata - Ericrocis lata
Tribe Eucerini - Long-horned Bees
Genus Cemolobus
Species ipomoeae - Cemolobus ipomoeae
Genus Eucera
No Taxon Subgenus Synhalonia
Species actuosa - Eucera actuosa
Species cordleyi - Eucera cordleyi
Species edwardsii - Eucera edwardsii
Species frater - Eucera frater
Subspecies albopilosa - Eucera frater albopilosa
Species hamata - Eucera hamata
Species rosae - Eucera rosae
No Taxon atriventris or dubitata
Species fulvitarsis - Eucera fulvitarsis
Subspecies fulvitarsis - Eucera fulvitarsis fulvitarsis
Genus Florilegus
Species condignus - Florilegus condignus
Genus Martinapis
Species occidentalis - Western Morning Long-horned Bee
Species luteicornis - Yellow-horned Morning Long-horned Bee
Genus Melissodes
No Taxon Subgenus Callimelissodes
Species stearnsi - Melissodes stearnsi
No Taxon Subgenus Eumelissodes, True Melissodes Bees
Species agilis - Agile Long-horned Bee
Species denticulatus - Melissodes denticulatus
Species dentiventris - Melissodes dentiventris
Species druriellus - Melissodes druriellus
Species illatus - Melissodes illatus
Species pallidisignatus - Melissodes pallidisignatus coastal form
Species robustior - Robust Long-horned Bee
Species subillatus - Melissodes subillatus
Species trinodis - Melissodes trinodis
Species tristis - Melissodes tristis
No Taxon agilis or trinodis
No Taxon resembles confusus
No Taxon Subgenus Heliomelissodes
Species desponsus - Thistle Long-horned Bee
Species rivalis - Melissodes rivalis
No Taxon Subgenus Melissodes, Nominate Melissodes Bees
Species bimaculatus - Two-spotted Longhorn
Species communis - Common Long-horned Bee
Subspecies alopex - Melissodes communis alopex
Subspecies communis - Melissodes communis communis
Species comptoides - Brown-winged Long-horned Bee
Species paroselae - Parosela Long-horned Bee
Species tepaneca - Tepanec Long-horned Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Apomelissodes
Species apicatus - Melissodes apicatus
Genus Peponapis - Squash Bees
Species pruinosa - Pruinose Squash Bee
Genus Simanthedon
Species linsleyi - Simanthedon linsleyi
Genus Svastra
Species duplocincta - Svastra (Idiomelissodes) duplocincta
No Taxon Subgenus Epimelissodes
Species aegis - Svastra aegis
Species atripes - Svastra atripes
Subspecies atripes - Svastra atripes atripes
Species machaerantherae - Svastra machaerantherae
Species obliqua - Svastra (Epimelissodes) obliqua
Subspecies caliginosa - Svastra obliqua caliginosa
Subspecies expurgata - Svastra obliqua expurgata
Subspecies obliqua - Svastra obliqua obliqua
Species petulca - Svastra petulca
Subspecies petulca - Svastra petulca petulca
Species sabinensis - Svastra sabinensis
Subspecies sabinensis - Svastra sabinensis sabinensis
No Taxon petulca or sabinensis
Species texana - Svastra texana
Genus Syntrichalonia - Exquisite Long-horned Bee
Species exquisita - Exquisite Long-horned Bee
Genus Tetraloniella
Species eriocarpi - Tetraloniella eriocarpi
Species lippiae - Tetraloniella lippiae
Species pomonae - Tetraloniella pomonae
Species albata - Tetraloniella albata
Species davidsoni - Tetraloniella davidsoni
Genus Xenoglossa - Large Squash Bee
Species kansensis - Kansas Squash Bee
No Taxon (Xenoglossa) angustior or patricia
Species strenua - Xenoglossa (Eoxenoglossa) strenua
No Taxon Melissodes or Tetraloniella
No Taxon Melissodes or Svastra
Tribe Euglossini - Orchid Bees
Genus Euglossa - Typical Orchid Bees
Species dilemma - Dilemma Orchid Bee
Tribe Exomalopsini
Genus Anthophorula
Species albicans - Anthophorula albicans
Species completa - Anthophorula completa
Species nitens - Anthophorula nitens
Species palmarum - Anthophorula palmarum
Genus Exomalopsis
Species solani - Solanum Exomalopsis
Species mellipes - Exomalopsis mellipes
Tribe Melectini - digger-bee-cuckoos
Genus Melecta
Species edwardsii - Edward's Melecta
Species separata - Melecta separata
Subspecies callura - Melecta separata callura
No Taxon pacifica fulvida or thoracica
Species pacifica - Melecta pacifica
Subspecies atlantica - Melecta pacifica atlantica
No Taxon Subgenus Melecta undetermined
Genus Xeromelecta
Species larreae - Larrea Xeromelecta
No Taxon Subgenus Melectomorpha
Species interrupta - Interrupted Xeromelecta
Species californica - California Xeromelecta
Genus Zacosmia
Species maculata - Zacosmia maculata
Tribe Osirini
Genus Epeoloides
Species pilosulus - Epeoloides pilosulus
Tribe Protepeolini
Genus Leiopodus
Species singularis - Singular Chimney-bee-cuckoo
Subfamily Nomadinae - Cuckoo Bees
Tribe Ammobatini
Genus Oreopasites
Species barbarae - Barbara's Oreopasites
Tribe Ammobatoidini
Genus Holcopasites
Species calliopsidis - Holcopasites calliopsidis
No Taxon heliopsis or pulchellus
Species stevensi - Holcopasites stevensi
Species minimus - Holcopasites minimus
Tribe Biastini
Genus Neopasites
Species fulviventris - Neopasites fulviventris
Species mojavensis - Neopasites mojavensis
Genus Rhopalolemma
Species rotundiceps - Rhopalolemma rotundiceps
Tribe Brachynomadini
Genus Brachynomada
Species margaretae - Brachynomada margaretae
Species annectens - Brachynomada annectens
Genus Paranomada
Species velutina - Paranomada velutina
Genus Triopasites
Species penniger - Triopasites penniger
Tribe Epeolini
Genus Epeolus
Species autumnalis - Epeolus autumnalis
Species canadensis - Epeolus canadensis
Species bifasciatus - Epeolus bifasciatus
Species compactus - Epeolus compactus
Species glabratus - Epeolus glabratus
Species mesillae - Epeolus mesillae
Species pusillus - Epeolus pusillus
Species scutellaris - Epeolus scutellaris
Species zonatus - Epeolus zonatus
Species lectoides - Epeolus lectoides
Species olympiellus - Epeolus olympiellus
Species howardi - Howard's Cellophane-cuckoo
Species floridensis - Florida Cellophane-cuckoo
Species carolinus - Epeolus carolinus
Genus Triepeolus
Species brittaini - Triepeolus brittaini
Species concavus - Triepeolus concavus
Species distinctus - Triepeolus distinctus
Species donatus - Triepeolus donatus
Species grandis - Triepeolus grandis
Species grindeliae - Triepeolus grindeliae
Species intrepidus - Triepeolus intrepidus
Species kathrynae - Triepeolus kathrynae
Species loomisorum - Triepeolus loomisorum
Species lunatus - Triepeolus lunatus
Species martini - Triepeolus martini
Species mexicanus - Triepeolus mexicanus
Species pectoralis - Triepeolus pectoralis
Species remigatus - Triepeolus remigatus
Species rufithorax - Triepeolus rufithorax
Species simplex - Triepeolus simplex
Species verbesinae - Triepeolus verbesinae
No Taxon verbesinae species group
Species eliseae - Triepeolus eliseae
Tribe Hexepeolini
Genus Hexepeolus
Species rhodogyne - Hexepeolus rhodogyne
Tribe Neolarrini
Genus Neolarra
Species californica - Neolarra californica
Species verbesinae - Neolarra verbesinae
Species vigilans - Neolarra vigilans
Tribe Nomadini - Nomad Bees
Genus Nomada - Nomad Bees
No Taxon edwardsii species group
Species edwardsii - Edwards' Nomad Bee
Species hemphilli - Nomada hemphilli
Species affabilis - Nomada affabilis
No Taxon resembles affabilis
Species superba - Superb Nomada
No Taxon erigeronis species group
Species articulata - Nomada articulata
Species crotchii - Nomada crotchii
Species erigeronis - Nomada erigeronis
Species australis - Nomada australis
No Taxon roberjeotiana species group
Species placida - Nomada placida
Species verecunda - Nomada verecunda
No Taxon ruficornis species group, Typical Nomad Bees
Species armatella - Nomada armatella
Species bella - Nomada bella
Species bethunei - Nomada bethunei
Species cressonii - Cresson's Nomad Bee
Species cuneata - Cuneate Nomada
Species denticulata - Nomada denticulata
Species electa - Nomada electa
Species gracilis - Slender Nomad Bee
Species imbricata - Nomada imbricata
Species luteoloides - Nomada luteoloides
Species maculata - Spotted Nomad Bee
Species pygmaea - Pygmy Nomad Bee
Species vicina - Nomada vicina
No Taxon luteola subgroup aka Heminomada, e.g., luteoloides & imbricata
No Taxon cf depressa
No Taxon valida and relatives including lehighensis
No Taxon Gnathias i.e. toothed species
Species obliterata - Nomada obliterata
No Taxon vegana species group
Species fervida - Nomada fervida
Species suavis - Nomada suavis
Species tiftonensis - Nomada tiftonensis
Species vegana - Nomada vegana
Species texana - Texas Nomad
No Taxon vincta species group
Species vincta - Nomada vincta
Species utahensis - Utah Nomada
Tribe Townsendiellini
Genus Townsendiella
Species rufiventris - Red-bellied Townsendiella
Species pulchra - Beautiful Townsendiella
Subfamily Xylocopinae - Carpenter Bees
Genus Ceratina - Small Carpenter Bees
No Taxon Subgenus Calloceratina - Beautiful Ceratina
Species cobaltina - Cobalt Ceratina
No Taxon Subgenus Ceratinula
Species arizonensis - Arizona Ceratina
Species cockerelli - Cockerell's Ceratina
No Taxon Subgenus Zadontomerus
Species acantha - Prickly Ceratina
Species calcarata - Spurred Ceratina
Species dupla - Doubled Ceratina
Species floridana - Florida Ceratina
Species nanula - Dwarf Ceratina
Species sequoiae - Ceratina sequoiae
Species strenua - Nimble Ceratina
No Taxon calcarata, dupla, or mikmaqi
No Taxon calcarata or strenua
Species mikmaqi - Mikmaq Ceratina
No Taxon dupla or mikmaqi
No Taxon subgenus Euceratina - True Ceratina
Species dallatorreana - Dalla Torre's Ceratina
Genus Xylocopa - Large Carpenter Bees
No Taxon Subgenus Neoxylocopa
Species mexicanorum - Xylocopa mexicanorum
Species varipuncta - Valley Carpenter Bee
No Taxon unidentified species likely adventive in Florida
No Taxon Subgenus Notoxylocopa
Species tabaniformis - Horsefly-like Carpenter Bee
Subspecies androleuca - Xylocopa tabaniformis androleuca
Subspecies orpifex - Xylocopa tabaniformis orpifex
Subspecies parkinsoniae - Xylocopa tabaniformis parkinsoniae
No Taxon Subgenus Schonnherria
Species micans - Southern Carpenter Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Stenoxylocopa
Species micheneri - Michener's Carpenter Bee
Species strandi - Strand's Carpenter Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Xylocopoides
Species californica - Western Carpenter Bee
Subspecies californica - California Carpenter Bee
Subspecies diamesa - Xylocopa californica diamesa
Subspecies arizonensis - Arizona Carpenter Bee
Species virginica - Eastern Carpenter Bee
Subspecies krombeini - Xylocopa virginica krombeini
Subspecies texana - Texas Carpenter Bee
Subspecies virginica - Xylocopa virginica virginica
No Taxon Subgenus Alloxylocopa
Species appendiculata - Xylocopa appendiculata