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Photos of insects and people from the 2015 gathering in Wisconsin, July 10-12

Photos of insects and people from the 2014 gathering in Virginia, June 4-7.

Photos of insects and people from the 2013 gathering in Arizona, July 25-28

Photos of insects and people from the 2012 gathering in Alabama

Photos of insects and people from the 2011 gathering in Iowa

Photos from the 2010 Workshop in Grinnell, Iowa

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This is a current (as of 07/24/2009) count of contributors (32 shown here) that have submitted 1000 images or more. They are listed below in order of quantity. This is in no way intended to downplay the efforts of anyone else on BugGuide nor is it a contest. I was just curious and thought it was interesting. I may or may not have missed someone and if I did I apologize.

That being said, what is up with Tom!? 16656 images!! That doesn't even seem possible! Wow!

Tom Murray

Jim McClarin

Lynette Schimming

Ron Hemberger

Sam Houston

Jeff Hollenbeck

Thomas of Baltimore City

Jo Ann Poe-McGavin

Tom Bentley

Patrick Coin

Gayle and Jeanell Strickland

Cheryl Moorehead

Margarethe Brummermann

Scott Justis

John R. Maxwell

John and Jane Balaban

John F. Carr

Troy Bartlett

Robin McLeod

Hartmut Wisch

Sean McCann

Stephen Luk

Kevin Hall

Tony DiTerlizzi

Karl Volkman

Stephen Cresswell

Mike Quinn

David J. Ferguson

Graham Montgomery

Adalbert Goertz

Ted Kropiewnicki

Joyce Gross

Love it!
"I coulda been a contender" but I dropped out about a year before I moved south. I still have a ton of photos from the US I never got around to processing and posting. I would bet heavily against my ever submitting any of them though. Way too much to handle here in Ecuador. Still looking to get a Latin American crowd-sourced site going along the lines of Bug Guide.

It's good to hear from you, Jim.
I still remember your flies vs. beetles contest that sort of kicked off this count thing...and think fondly of you every time I hear the name Ron Paul. Man, you had that pegged. Sounds like you're enjoying life, and that makes me glad!


Hi Ron,
I think I just sent you a friend request on Facebook. I have a FB blog, usually with lots of photos, mainly concerning my experiences living in the middle of the cloud forest in the eastern cordiera of the Andes. I've found over a dozen new genera and tons of new species here.

Meant to say cordillera
not cordiera.

Yes, you did, Jim.
I may check it out, but really don't do Facebook.

Spring 2014 - Top BG Image Contributors
These appear to be the current 'top 14' BG photo contributors. Let me know if I missed anyone. (Although if you reply to this post, it'll be locked in place.) PS: Thanks for the additions, Robert.

+++ 25K (Plus-Plus) Club +++

Tom Murray
33,909 (yes, that's 33 THOUSAND images submitted)

+++ 9K Club +++

Mike Quinn

+++ 8K Club +++

Ilona Loser

Lynette Schimming

+++ 7K Club +++

Robert Lord Zimlich

Ron Hemberger

Charley Eiseman

+++ 6K Club +++

Margarethe Brummermann

MJ Hatfield

+++ 5K Club +++

Jeff Hollenbeck

Jim McClarin

Sam Houston

+++ 4K Club +++

John R. Maxwell

Carl D. Barrentine

John and Jane Balaban

Okay, this is scary...
I believe these are the current top three photo contributors to BugGuide:

Tom Murray
Pix Posted: 24,858
(Taxa Added: 3,252)

Lynette Schimming
Pix Posted: 7,226
(Taxa Added: 852)

Mike Quinn
Pix Posted: 3098 + 3548 = 6,646
(Taxa Added: 1,266)

Thanks to all of you, in my 3 short years on BG, I have posted:

Pix Posted:4,530
Taxa Added for BUG GUIDE:72
Taxa Added for ALABAMA:1,046

I'm looking forward to meeting some of you at the 2011 Gathering. Thanks again.

I wonder who the top 3 Taxa Added Editors are?

v? Balabans?

Top Taxa Adder?
I doubt anyone has surpassed Vassili in the number of taxa added category:

v belov
Taxa Added: 4,922

That's incredible.
And I felt so accomplished for finally closing in on 1,000 images... Sigh.

Just kidding, well done, guys!

1260 images at present
and 158 Bugguide records...I so wish I had a better camera though...

You're our northwestern beetle guy, Tim.
Do you have a list of your bugguide records anywhere on bugguide? I've kept track of the families I've added but not species. You're lucky to have had an area pretty much to yourself where many finds were bugguide firsts.

Tag'n' Search
I tag my posts in identifier field then add appropriate search hyperlinks to my account page. This way, records are always current, for example:

New Species for ALABAMA

New Species for BUG GUIDE (North America)

I hope this helps somebody. BTW thank you, Lynette, for suggesting I start using the identifier field for sorting, back when I only had a few hundred :)

but perhaps I should post a list I can't wait for the next bug season! I recently finished sorting out my beetle collection to families and I have a total of 55. I also had some access to keys for a few beetle families, which definitely helped with species IDs.

List is up...
on my profile page. Subspecies are also counted as new bugguide records.

Don't hate me for suggesting this
but think how neat it would be if each one of your records was an active link to a photo of the arthropod listed.

Very impressive list BTW.

I will get to that soon...
it took me a while to get the whole list up last night.

I've been doing that on my facebook page. My friends thought I was strange before...

We left Steve Scott off of the list...

Apology Accepted
I think I'm presently more than 1700, with approx. 350 Alabama records and 22 Bug Guide records. But who's counting :)

too many people! :-)

Oh, c''s fun.

Does a Lord outrank a Count?
Good going, Robert. While I wouldn't bet against Tom Murray who's in a class by himself, I'm pretty sure you're at or near the top of the state records category.

Don't Forget
I just started Bug Guide 18 months ago! I'm a veteran birder who got into butterflies & dragonflies about three years ago. When I discovered BG, all moths looked alike and I didn't even know there was such a thing as a leafhopper. Now, I've gotten the BUG, there's no turning back.

BTW if Tom Murray stopped today and I continued at my rate, it would take me 9 years, 3 months to catch him.

Good point
Old-timers have a huge head start on recent arrivals. I've been here five months. Ahem.

Some old-timers are at a disadvantage when it comes to the numbers game. We had a different conception of the guide at the beginning and subscribed very strongly to the advice: “Don't submit multiple images of the same specimen that don't add any value to the images already submitted.” We also didn't bother with well represented common species.
This makes Tom's output more impressive; I have never seen him submit ten images when one would do the job. Otherwise he would have hit the 100.000 mark already.
Many newcomers do just the opposite. My advice to them: Go for quality; learn from a master. Study Tom's collection of photos, then go back to yours and start frassing.

Lord, Count and then Master
On this list I'm a definite third:^}
Beatriz, you're too kind. I know I take plenty of pictures, because I just had to send my 40D out for repair, and have the worn out trigger button replaced. I only took 105,760 shots with the camera. I guess they just don't make them like they used to:-)

Old Timers?
Shhh, Whiz Kid. Hemberger might hear you :)

I had my hearing aid turned off.

Here, I'll write it down for you
No, wait. I have to go get my reading glasses.

You guys are TOO funny! :)

I think Tom...
is going to run out of bugs to shoot up in his area pretty soon :^P

In Most Religions ...
Lord outranks everything.

Gotcha :)

>Does a Lord outrank a Count?
>Does a Lord outrank a Count?

Lol!! You really are the king of clever, Ron! :)

Mike Quinn's counts
if you ever plan to update these impressive numbers, pls keep in mind that Mike Quinn has two accounts: #1 (1464 images as of now) and #2 (with 1420 images)

I wasn't aware of that. Thanks!

I'm not sure
my numbers count so much because I often take multiples.

Identifier Field
I only tag my first image and not the added images. That way, I can search just 'zimlich' for critter count, which I estimate at approx. 1,600 of my present total of 1,760. Also, when cleaning house, I frazz any images I don't like or any additional images I think do not aid identification. Sometimes editors will pull them out of the trash, though :)

Yeah, a lot of the "stats" are based on multiples, including mine. So, you're right, it isn't a "critter" count but rather an image count.

My numbers are going down
due to a frass assignment here and there. I'd love to be proven wrong about hard times in our near future so I could replace my defective equipment and get back to shooting and posting. As it is I'm a little too focused on preparedness issues to get back into it just now :-[

I fully understand about the "preparedness" issues.

Yes Sir...
Though I do miss Jim's neat images of small beetles :^)

Another milestone
Slightly off the topic of number of photos but yesterday I reached my goal for the year of photographing and identifying (really having photos identified down to genus and even mostly by species by the wonderful volunteers on this guide!) 800 different insects/spiders. The majority of these insects were from either my yard or a nearby park. Now I can start on next year's goal of reaching 900. It's getting harder since many of the common ones around here have been found but I know there's a lot more out there. I keep track of the the identified insects using a simple database program which comes loaded with the computer. Curious to know if others of you also keep track like this.

'fraid not
I just try to keep a simple count of families I've collected. I've lost a few due to taxonomic revisions in which families have been combined :-[

What a great idea, Ilona.

Do you want more species?
Go small, probably most species of insects are less than 5 mm long. For each flashy butterfly you see there are thousands of little creatures out of sight (aphids, gnats, tiny beetles, parasitic wasps, etc.)
Go after aphids, they are abundant everywhere. It is true that most of the 1350 North American species can not be IDed by photos alone, but there are about 80 species which are pests. So knowing the plant and enlisting the help of your agricultural extension you could ID most of these.
Find insect magnet plants. For some reason certain species of plants are tremendously popular, for instance milkweeds and goldenrods. Take goldenrods, there are at least 103 herbivores of Solidago (not counting flower visitors);there are 50 species of gall makers on Solidago and Euthamia. I found no mention of all the parasitoids and predators that feed on these herbivores; probably there are more species of the latter than the former. And when it comes to pollinators, brace yourself, there are over 380 species of flower visitors of Solidago Canadensis.

After saying all this, I must add that I am not very fond of the numbers game. I know that some contributors have high numbers of somewhat repetitive images, while others use restraint making sure that each image adds something of value to the guide. Also I want to add that there are other approaches, such as choosing a certain theme. One example is this life cycle.

Beatriz, I agree.
It seems that in the U.S. bigger is better in everything.
One of the problems with Bugguide is the vast amount of images.
I would prefer to see restraint rather than a rush to see who can post the most images.

I also agree. And, as I have said over and over, this is not a contest nor am I trying to make it into one. It is definitely more important to contribute to the guide rather than overwhelm it.

As I said before, quantity does not equal quality. Just because somebody has many images in the guide does not necessarily mean they have made a bigger contribution than anyone with less images.

I simply had a curious notion and thought it might be interesting to check it out.
It doesn't mean anything.

There's no place for any contest here, all that matters to me is making meaningful contributions to the guide. I may have the most postings, and maybe that makes me win the prize for the craziest person here:-)
I do believe in restraint, only posting on average 2 pictures at different angles of each bug. I would have no problem with another editor frassing any of my pictures that don't add value or just clutter the guide. Occasionally I'll Frass a picture I posted earlier because I got a better shot.

My inquiry about having a way to see how many species I have posted was only for personal information, not a contest to be broadcast anywhere. I hope that wasn't taken the wrong way by anyone.

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