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Biting Midge - Clinohelea currei - female

Biting Midge - Clinohelea currei - Female
Guelph, Wellington, Ontario, Canada
June 23, 2009
Size: 3.5 mm
Ceratopogonid in the genus Clinohelea. Identified using the Manual of Nearctic Diptera (Vol. 1). Species in this genus can be identified by a combination of wing venation, their having unequal claws on the mid and hind legs, and a swollen tarsomere 5 in the foreleg.

Moved from Clinohelea.

Moved from Ceratopogoninae.

Given the genus it is probably C. nebulosa (Malloch), but there have been some new species named since my reference (Insects of Connecticut, 1952). If you have a list of Ontario species that would help. It is not C. bimaculata (Loew).

Provincial list
Hmmm, I don't know if there is a list of Ontario species for this family, which is not even well-curated in the Guelph collection. I'll dig around and see...

I linked the article with the key from the genus page.

I missed a synonym. I should have said probably C. curriei.

The genus was reviewed in:

Grogan, W.L., Jr., and W.W. Wirth. 1976. A revision of the Nearctic species of Clinohelea Kieffer (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae). Great Basin Naturalist (1975) 35: 275-287.

I listed what I know of the species on the genus info page.