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Prominent Moth Caterpillar - Schizura unicornis

Prominent Moth Caterpillar - Schizura unicornis
Fort Bragg, Cumberland County, North Carolina, USA
September 9, 2005
Does anyone know what's going on here?

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Prominent Moth Caterpillar - Schizura unicornis Braconid Cocoon Prominent Moth Caterpillar

Moved from Cocoons and larvae.


This looks like the Unicorn, Schizura unicornis, and Wagner (1) has an image on page 313 which looks strikingly like yours. He says "the caterpillar is perched atop a bundle of more than two dozen braconid cocoons -- the holes from which the wasps exited are visible in the caterpillar's body wall" !!

I am confused.
Why would the caterpillar sit there?

Maybe the motor nervous system is gone??

Thanks for the info,
I have one of the bundles in a container, although I think we removed the caterpillar....I wonder what will happen!

yesterday, I went to the feed store in Leesburg where I get my chicken feed, went behind the building to see if the Tussock cats were still there, they were, but I noticed two that were sitting atop little fluffy white cocoons, I took a blade of grass and was touching one, and it did act like it was in a daze, I wish I had my camera, neat to know this could be what it was.