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Crab spider - Bassaniana utahensis - male

Crab spider - Bassaniana utahensis - Male
Pack Forest near Eatonville, Pierce County, Washington, USA
July 11, 2009
Nancy spotted this dark black male crab spider.


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Bassaniana utahensis?
See Rod's comment about my black crab spider here. I can't see the hairs on yours.... let alone their ends, but it looks more like B. utahensis to me anyway.

We'll check the second image and see if we
can see any of the hairs there. These dark flat Thomisids always frustrate us. Just don't know what to look for. Wonder if it would make sense to make a temporary No Taxon for the following and then stare at them till we understand something:
280201 266154 227032 187571 187532
185543 180110 180094 177726

It doesn't help our confusion that there is also a Coriarachne utahensis as well as a Bassaniana utahensis. Just get the feeling someone is playing with our minds!

NOTE: Hey wait! There is no C. utahensis! and we made the page! No wonder we're confused! OK - fixed that error - deleted that page

Ah but wouldn't it be easier if they WERE in the same genus!