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Subfamily Elaterinae

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga - Water, Rove, Scarab, Long-horned, Leaf and Snout Beetles
No Taxon Series Elateriformia
Superfamily Elateroidea - Click, Firefly and Soldier Beetles
Family Elateridae - Click Beetles
Subfamily Elaterinae

Genus Megapenthes
Species angularis - Megapenthes angularis
Species antennatus - Megapenthes antennatus 0
Species apacheorum - Megapenthes apacheorum 0
Species aterrimus - Megapenthes aterrimus 0
Species caprella - Megapenthes caprella
Species dolosus - Megapenthes dolosus
Species elegans - Megapenthes elegans
Species fuscus - Megapenthes fuscus 0
Species illinoisensis - Megapenthes illinoisensis
Species insignis - Megapenthes insignis
Species lepidus - Megapenthes lepidus
Species limbalis - Megapenthes limbalis
Species longicornis - Megapenthes longicornis
Species megalops - Megapenthes megalops 0
Species nigriceps - Megapenthes nigriceps
Species nigriventris - Megapenthes nigriventris
Species quadrimaculatus - Megapenthes quadrimaculatus
Species rogersi - Megapenthes rogersi
Species rufilabris - Megapenthes rufilabris
Species stigmosus - Megapenthes stigmosus
Species solitarius - Megapenthes solitarius
Species tarsalis - Megapenthes tarsalis
Species tartareus - Megapenthes tartareus
Species texanus - Megapenthes texanus 0
Species turbulentus - Megapenthes turbulentus
Species variolatus - Megapenthes variolatus 0
No Taxon new species - Arizona
Tribe Agriotini
Subtribe Agriotina
Genus Agriotes
Species apicalis - Agriotes apicalis
Species brunneus - Agriotes brunneus
Species collaris - Agriotes collaris
Species criddlei - Agriotes criddlei 0
Species ferrugineipennis - Agriotes ferrugineipennis
Species fucosus - Agriotes fucosus
Species insanus - Agriotes insanus
Species isabellinus - Agriotes isabellinus
Species limosus - Agriotes limosus
Species lineatus - Lined click beetle
Species mancus - Agriotes mancus
Species oblongicollis - Agriotes oblongicollis
Species obscurus - Dusky Wireworm
Species opaculus - Agriotes opaculus
Species pubescens - Agriotes pubescens
Species quebecensis - Agriotes quebecensis
Species sparsus - Agriotes sparsus
Species sputator - Agriotes sputator
Species stabilis - Agriotes stabilis
Species tardus - Agriotes tardus
Species thevenetii - Agriotes thevenetii
Genus Dalopius
Species cognatus - Dalopius cognatus
Species cognatus-group - Dalopius cognatus-group
Species corvinus - Dalopius corvinus
Species fuscatus - Dalopius fuscatus
Species fuscipes - Dalopius fuscipes
Species insulanus - Dalopius insulanus
Species invidiosus - Dalopius invidiosus
Species mirabilis - Dalopius mirabilis
Species pallidus - Dalopius pallidus
Species pennsylvanicus - Dalopius pennsylvanicus
Species suspectus - Dalopius suspectus
Species vagus - Dalopius vagus
Species vernus - Dalopius vernus
Species vetulus - Dalopius vetulus
Species virginicus - Dalopius virginicus
Tribe Ampedini
Genus Ampedus
Species affinis - Ampedus affinis 0
Species anthracinus - Ampedus anthracinus
Species apicatus - Ampedus apicatus
Species areolatus - Ampedus areolatus
Species atripennis - Ampedus atripennis
Species behrensi - Ampedus behrensi
Species brevis - Ampedus brevis
Species carbonicolor - Ampedus carbonicolor
Species collaris - Ampedus collaris
Species cordatus - Ampedus cordatus 0
Species cordifer - Ampedus cordifer
Species dimidiatus - Ampedus dimidiatus
Species evansi - Ampedus evansi
Species fastus - Ampedus fastus
Species fuscatus - Ampedus fuscatus
Species horni - Ampedus horni 0
Species laesus - Ampedus laesus
Species linteus - Ampedus linteus
Species longicornis - Ampedus longicornis
Species luctuosus - Ampedus luctuosus 0
Species melanotoides - Ampedus melanotoides
Species melinus - Ampedus melinus
Species melsheimeri - Ampedus melsheimeri
Species militaris - Ampedus militaris
Species mixtus - Ampedus mixtus
Species moerens - Ampedus moerens
Species nigricans - Ampedus nigricans
Species nigricollis - Ampedus nigricollis
Species nigrinus - Ampedus nigrinus
Species oblessus - Ampedus oblessus
Species occidentalis - Ampedus occidentalis
Species oregonus - Ampedus oregonus 0
Species phelpsii - Ampedus phelpsii
Species phoenicopterus - Ampedus phoenicopterus
Species pullus - Ampedus pullus
Species pusio - Ampedus pusio
Species quebecensis - Ampedus quebecensis
Species rhodopus - Ampedus rhodopus
Species rubricollis - Ampedus rubricollis
Species rubricus - Ampedus rubricus
Species rubriventris - Ampedus rubriventris
Species sanguinipennis - Ampedus sanguinipennis
Species sayi - Ampedus sayi
Species semicinctus - Ampedus semicinctus
Species varipilis - Ampedus varipilis
Species vitiosus - Ampedus vitiosus
Species xanthomus - Ampedus xanthomus
No Taxon cordifer-group
No Taxon Larvae
No Taxon new species 1
No Taxon new species 2
Tribe Elaterini
Genus Campylomorphus
Species serricornis - Campylomorphus serricornis
Genus Diplostethus
Species carolinensis - Diplostethus carolinensis
Species opacicollis - Diplostethus opacicollis
Species texanus - Diplostethus texanus
Genus Dolerosomus
Species blaisdelli - Dolerosomus blaisdelli
Species silaceus - Dolerosomus silaceus
Genus Elater
Species abruptus - Elater abruptus
Species lecontei - Elater lecontei
Species pinguis - Elater pinguis
Genus Mulsanteus - Brown Wireworm
Species arizonensis - Mulsanteus arizonensis
Species substriatus - Mulsanteus substriatus
Species variatus - Mulsanteus variatus
Genus Orthostethus
Species pectinicornis - Orthostethus pectinicornis
Species infuscatus - Orthostethus infuscatus
Genus Parallelostethus
Species attenuatus - Parallelostethus attenuatus
Genus Sericus
Species honestus - Sericus honestus
Species incongruus - Sericus incongruus
Species viridanus - Sericus viridanus
Tribe Melanotini
Genus Melanotus
Species americanus - Melanotus americanus
Species castanipes - Melanotus castanipes
Species chiricahuae - Melanotus chiricahuae
Species clandestinus - Melanotus clandestinus
Species communis - Melanotus communis
Species communis-complex - Melanotus communis Complex
Species corticinus - Melanotus corticinus
Species cribricollis - Melanotus cribricollis
Species cribriventris - Melanotus cribriventris
Species decumanus - Melanotus decumanus
Species depressus - Melanotus depressus
Species dichrous - Melanotus dichrous 0
Species dietrichi - Melanotus dietrichi
Species difficilis - Melanotus difficilis
Species gradatus - Melanotus gradatus
Species hyslopi - Melanotus hyslopi
Species ignobilis - Melanotus ignobilis
Species indistinctus - Melanotus indistinctus
Species insipiens - Melanotus insipiens
Species lanceatus - Melanotus lanceatus
Species lanei - Melanotus lanei
Species leonardi - Melanotus leonardi
Species longulus - Melanotus longulus
Subspecies oregonensis - Melanotus longulus oregonensis
Subspecies longulus - Melanotus longulus longulus
Species miscellus - Melanotus miscellus
Species morosus - Melanotus morosus
Species opacicollis - Melanotus opacicollis
Species parallelus - Melanotus parallelus
Species pertinax - Melanotus pertinax
Species pilosus - Melanotus pilosus
Species prasinus - Melanotus prasinus
Species sagittarius - Melanotus sagittarius
Species similis - Melanotus similis
Species spadix - Melanotus spadix
Species taenicollis - Melanotus taenicollis 0
Species tenax - Melanotus tenax
Species testaceus - Melanotus testaceus 0
Species trapezoideus - Melanotus trapezoideus
Species verberans - Melanotus verberans
No Taxon sagittarius-complex females
No Taxon Melanotus spp. larvae
Species infaustus - Melanotus infaustus 0
Species cribulosus - Melanotus cribulosus 0
Species concisus - Melanotus concisus 0
Species emissus - Melanotus emissus 0
Species piceatus - Melanotus piceatus 0
Tribe Synaptini
Genus Glyphonyx
Species bimarginatus - Glyphonyx bimarginatus
Species brevistylus - Glyphonyx brevistylus
Species championi - Glyphonyx championi
Species ferruginosus - Glyphonyx ferruginosus
Species helix - Glyphonyx helix
Species inquinatus - Glyphonyx inquinatus
Species knulli - Glyphonyx knulli
Species kulashi - Glyphonyx kulashi
Species mimeticus - Glyphonyx mimeticus
Species nanus - Glyphonyx nanus
Species quietus - Glyphonyx quietus
Species recticollis - Glyphonyx recticollis
Species testaceus - Glyphonyx testaceus
Tribe Dicrepidiini
Genus Blauta
Species cribraria - Blauta cribraria
Species falli - Blauta falli
Genus Dicrepidius
Species corvinus - Dicrepidius corvinus
Species palmatus - Dicrepidius palmatus
Species serraticornis - Dicrepidius serraticornis
Genus Dipropus
Species asper - Dipropus asper
Species ferreus - Dipropus ferreus
Species schwarzi - Dipropus schwarzi
Species simplex - Dipropus simplex
Species soleatus - Dipropus soleatus
Species sonora - Dipropus sonora
Species warneri - Dipropus warneri 0
Species yaqui - Dipropus yaqui
Species tequesta - Dipropus tequesta
Species reinae - Dipropus reinae 0
Tribe Physorhinini
Genus Anchastus
Species augusti - Anchastus augusti
Species bicolor - Anchastus bicolor
Species binus - Anchastus binus
Species cinereipennis - Anchastus cinereipennis
Species digitatus - Anchastus digitatus
Species fumicollis - Anchastus fumicollis
Species longulus - Anchastus longulus
Species rufus - Anchastus rufus
Species sericans - Anchastus sericans
Species signaticollis - Anchastus signaticollis
Species subdepressus - Anchastus subdepressus
Species uniquus - Anchastus uniquus
Genus Physorhinus
Species fusculus - Physorhinus fusculus
Tribe Pomachiliini
Genus Idolus
Species bigeminatus - Idolus bigeminatus
Species californicus - Idolus californicus
Species columbianus - Idolus columbianus
Species debilis - Idolus debilis
Species occidentalis - Idolus occidentalis
Genus Leptoschema
Species praelontactum - Leptoschema praelontactum
Species protractum - Leptoschema protractum