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Pyropyga sp. - Pyropyga decipiens

Pyropyga sp. - Pyropyga decipiens
Medford, (~25 miles east of Philadelphia, PA) Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
July 4, 2009
Size: 5.9m
Pyropyga sp. I believe. Corrections welcome :)

on milkweed

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Pyropyga sp. - Pyropyga decipiens Pyropyga sp. - Pyropyga decipiens

must be it
Moved from Pyropyga.

(a repeat of the comment I made on the second frame)
I'm not sure at all about this but the small size seems to be the strongest point favoring Genus Pyropyga.

The Pyropyga info page suggests light producing organs greatly reduced but not (necessarily?) absent.

They refer to a thrird antenna segment length that is not supposed to be longer than the forth. Yours is pretty close, however, just by overall look, the shape of the antennas seems different.

Another overall impression: the horse shoe shape of the orange around the pronotum seems more typical of Ellychnia than Pyropyga.

This is just a suggestion, not a correction! Keep in mind that I placed a specimen that I posted in Genus Ellychnia, only to have it moved by an expert to Genus Pyropyga! I may be trying to make up for that by sending one back!


(here is the one I posted)


(I commented on the second frame which can be confusing so I repeated the comment here)