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Euconnus (Napochus) - Euconnus

Euconnus (Napochus) - Euconnus
Dick Nichols District Park, Austin, Travis County, Texas, USA
July 31, 2009
Det. Christopher Majka, 2010

coll'ed at UV light

spmn in the TAMUIC

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Euconnus (Napochus) - Euconnus Euconnus (Napochus) - Euconnus Euconnus (Napochus) - Euconnus Euconnus (Napochus) - Euconnus

Moved from Euconnus.

Moved from Euconnus.

Euconnus (Napochus)
This is Euconnus (Napochus).

looks like you've moved it to the same page...

moving taxon to new rank...
I've only moved a few higher taxa around. I thought I did it correctly, but all the pix stayed at the former rank. I started moving a few pix to where I moved the taxon, but then the rest of the pix seemed to move themselves belatedly....... Everything now seems to be in place, except that the former taxon should be deleted... Mike

when you move higher taxa...
...the pix don't show up for an hour or so -- it's a well-known system peculiarity, several times mentioned on the Forum. you don't have to do anything, just wait for the dbase to update -- they'll show up alright. been there.

I figured as much...
after a slight bit of panic...

do you really believe this family suppression stuff?
Scydmaenidae was a survivor group. Is Silphidae next to dive into that shmelting pot?
i was about to make a disparaging comment about entomologists called Vasily... but, after all, it's only transliteration nuances that make us different...

Once I accepted ...
Pselaphinae, then I pretty much feel obligated to accept everything else...

i still feel uneasy about those, too
...but they at least have multiple exposed terga...

i'm quite sure but will ask Dr. O'Keefe

pls add other shots of it; pronoto-elytral area critical