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Genus Brochymena - Rough Stink Bugs

Brochymena sp - Brochymena quadripustulata Brochymena - Brochymena sulcata Stink Bug - Brochymena quadripustulata Bug ID? - Brochymena parva Halyini? - Brochymena sulcata Brochymena quadripustulata (Fabricius) - Brochymena quadripustulata B. sulcata? - Brochymena Brochymena
Kingdom Animalia (Animals)
Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods)
Subphylum Hexapoda (Hexapods)
Class Insecta (Insects)
Order Hemiptera (True Bugs, Cicadas, Hoppers, Aphids and Allies)
Suborder Heteroptera (True Bugs)
Infraorder Pentatomomorpha
Superfamily Pentatomoidea
Family Pentatomidae (Stink Bugs)
Subfamily Pentatominae
Tribe Halyini
Genus Brochymena (Rough Stink Bugs)
Other Common Names
Tree Stink Bugs
Synonyms and other taxonomic changes
Parabrochymena Larivière 1992 (see discussion here)
Explanation of Names
Brochymena Amyot & Serville 1843
Greek brochos (βρο'χος) 'net' + umen (υμη'ν) 'membrane'
17 spp. in our area (+a couple with unreliable old records), 25 total(1)(2)
not yet in the guide:
Brochymena apiculata Van Duzee 1923 "sw US," no state records and no US specimens in TAMUIC
Brochymena haedula Stål 1862 recorded in AZ & TX but no US specimens in TAMUIC
10-22 mm(1)
Usually bark-like (cryptic). Lateral teeth on juga. Head elongated, pronotum laterally with toothlike projections, and rear margin of abdomen has pleated pattern.
key to spp. of the arborea-group in(2)
key to the remaining spp. in(1)
across NA south to Panama, most diverse in so. US(3)
forests, orchards; on various trees and shrubs(4)
year round in the south; data for each species in(1)
phytophagous (some reports of predation)(4)
Life Cycle
see (1)(2) for the best account for each species
Internet References
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