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Heteroptera - Hoplistoscelis pallescens - male

Heteroptera - Hoplistoscelis pallescens - Male
Turkey Run Park, Fairfax County, Virginia, USA
August 6, 2009
Found in the woods not far from my last submission - maybe a later version of it?

H. pallescens: see the info page for taxonomy update


Adult male.
This image is of an adult male. Note the squared-off tip of the abdomen....

Thanks to you both!
I've adjusted my title and check boxes accordingly. =)

Moved from ID Request.

now this is an adult Hoplistoscelis sordidus!
they are brachypterous; compare

Oh cool!
Good guess on the nymph from you, then. =) The adults only have those tiny wing buds? How odd.

a lot of true bugs in various lineages sport reduced wings
this condition is quite common among mirids, assassins, nabids, lygaeoids, shore/semiaq. bugs, &c. -- but all aquatic heteropterans are good fliers

is fascinating - thanks for the info!