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Fly larvae - Keroplatus

Fly larvae - Keroplatus
Whiterock Conservancy, Guthrie County, Iowa, USA
August 8, 2009
Size: ~7 mm
any ideas? seemed to have a separate "head", did not look like earthworm at all. Did not seem to have legs. Were 6 or so inside of a damp. rotten log, as they moved a "ripple" ran down the length of their body, the ripple changed direction depending if they were moving forward or backwards, moved fairly quickly

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Fly larvae - Keroplatus larvae - Keroplatus

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The 'head' and movement almost reminds me of some sort of midge/gnat larvae.

I think we are on to something, and I as usual probably spoke too fast when I said not and insect. I guess there are fungus gnat larvae that look exactly like these. I was thinking more of some kind of planarian or something!