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Swamp Darner - Epiaeschna heros - female

Swamp Darner - Epiaeschna heros - Female
Suffolk County, New York, USA
August 8, 2009
Size: approx. 4 inches
You can see the size of this dragonfly. The wings have an amber hue. The stripes are green.
Location is a suburban residential area with no major body of water within a half mile, but plenty of vegetation and insects to feed on. An open field is within 100 feet. Within one mile are several wetland marshes.
Long Island, New York.

Moved from ID Request.

Great shot of a Swamp Darner
See . How did you coax it onto your hand?

Ahh, Swamp Darner!
Wow, thank you very much! I didn't coax him.. he was less than 24 hours away from dying, and wasn't as active as he should have been. I very gently picked him up to get some photos. Such a beauty, he was. :-)

Thanks for your help!