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Adult female - Araneus marmoreus - female

Adult female - Araneus marmoreus - Female
Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada
August 12, 2009
Size: BL = 10-14mm
Showing some of the variety that can occur in a local population, all adult female A. marmoreus (identified by the epigyne). I found all of these spiders within about 30 yards of each other.

amazing variations
Thanks for interesting pictures. I've only seen yellow ones.
Do you live near a source of atomic radiation?

I'm glad you liked the pictures. I didn't find so much color variety this year, though. Most of the 2010 population was yellow-orange tinted like the one pictured above.

Guess the radiation levels were down. :) Seriously, though, I'm not sure exactly what factors are involved in determining color from one season to the next.