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Manual of the Agromyzidae (Diptera) of the United States - Agriculture Handbook Number 638
By Kenneth A. Spencer and George C. Steyskal
United States Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Research Service, 1986
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Spencer, K.A., and G.C. Steyskal. 1986. Manual of the Agromyzidae (Díptera) of the United States. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Handbook No. 638, vi + 478 pp.


In part 1, keys to genera and species are provided for the 531 species of Agromyzidae, with a list of their host plants.
In part 2, 85 new species are described, and 22 new synonymies and 16 new combinations are established.

Keywords: Agromyzidae, biology, distribution, entomology, identification, insects, keys, North America, taxonomy.

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