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Carolina mantis nymph for PA - Stagmomantis carolina - male

Carolina mantis nymph for PA - Stagmomantis carolina - Male
Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA
August 21, 2009
Size: 1.5 inches
Update: This is a male - it completed its metamorphosis, and its wings extend to the end of the abdomen. Female Carolina mantids have short wings that only cover part of the abdomen.

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Doesn't have the black-rimmed white spot of Mantis r*eligiosa. Cryptic coloring makes me think of Carolina mantis, do they get as far north as PA?

I'm captive-rearing it, so I'll find out eventually anyway. But I'm curious now!

Carolina mantis
Were you able to get some "adult" shots? Very interesting info here!

Moved from ID Request.

Yes, it is (going to be) a Carolina mantis. Males typically have the green legs and brown bodies, but at this stage in their life, who knows which gender it will become.

It's a boy!
He's finishing his metamorphosis right now. His legs are still green, and his wings are at least as long as his abdomen.

So here's one instance where a green-legged nymph became a green-legged adult; but this is the one and only Carolina mantis I've reared. Maybe next year I'll be able to rear a bunch of them and see if their leg color is the same in nymphs and adults.

I'll post a photo then!
When the little guy/gal grows up, I'll take some more photos and post an update before releasing it.

It's thriving on a diet of mosquitos and blowflies. I love this little creature!