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New genera, new species, and new combinations in western Nearctic Phylini (Heteroptera, Miridae, Phylinae)
By Christiane Weirauch
American Museum of Natural History, 2006
Cite: 325364 with citation markup [cite:325364]
American Museum Novitates No. 3521

Provides the key, the description, and the images of six new genera Galbinocoris, Hamatophylus, Insulaphylus, Maculamiris, Quernocoris, and Vesperocoris. The author transferred Plagiognathus guttulosus (Reuter, 1876) and Plagiognathus paddocki Knight, 1964 to the genera Hamatophylus and Vesperocoris, respectively.

Available online at AMNH Research Library.